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  1. yes, 2 sorties, 13 ground targets (2 AAA and 11 trucks) - in stats zero...
  2. Congratulations all RED pilots with victory! And big thanks for all BLUE pilots for great campaign! S!
  3. Hello everyone Can somebody tell me, where i can find a conditions for destroys ground targets? I mean, what I must to destroy on point of defense line for close it? All guns, armoured vehicles, tanks, trucks, may be some tower or buildings? And for artillery point? I suppose only all anti-tanks guns, or I wrong?
  4. IRL pilots use one plane, and know this plane from A to Z In this GAME i use at least ten types of planes May be make some experiment? No technochat, 1 plane and 1 live at 1 campaign on TAW? All like in real life, super realistic. And no change plane during campaign. If you take 110, use it from begining to the end maximum upgrade when new type of 110 is coming
  5. Depend what monitor you use. I have 27inch, gauges 1-2cm in normal FOV. And realistic not equal real, if you understand what I mean. So you dont want compass and technochat, but you can die a lot of times. May be shoot of the technochat and give for you only one life? So if you die, bring you computer to the trash little kidding:)
  6. Becose the gauges is very small, and if yoy eant to check temperature, or RPM, or something else, you must use zoom and turn your camera-head. In real life gauges is more bigger, and you can move only eyes to see it.
  7. 72AG, 19GvFAB, SKV and =Reds= attack the airfield. Aurhor is 72AG_Lar Im was here on pe-2, our fighers escourt cant make something to prevent attack cool shooting Ps: but I think you cant repeat this on soviet plane very unbalanced weapon at this moment
  8. @=LG=Kathon can you check this? Someone take a seat in gunner position our allied pilot, and shoot-off the tail. And we cant see the profile of this guy (EmoGothic) http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=92115&name=Skv_TACC
  9. Let's see how much flyes have Battler? 277 sorties, 103 hours. So his scores is a great skills, and big work.
  10. 19GvFAB, 72AG, =RedS= and SKV make a great job!
  11. Hello. This is our training server do you have some questions?
  12. May be this targets was damaged somebody before you
  13. Few videoclips from ours flight on TAW
  14. Hello everyone. One question. Axis side now havent tanks (976/975), but I see at least 2 tanks convoys on the map. Allied side have tanks (775/800), but I dont see any tank convoys on the map. Whats wrong?
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