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  1. Thank you for the answear, for me, 4xFXAA was great improvement on Reverb G1 over no AA, with that shimmering ofcourse. But i was on resolution something like 1700x1700x2 because of my GTX980ti. MSAA is ofcourse much nicer, but with huge impact on FPS, while 4xFXAA has almost no impact on FPS. It is possible, that with high SS like yours 100% on G2, which is something like 3050x3050x2, FXAA has little impact on picture quality, while with low SS like 50% or even less it has huge impact on picture quality... Another question please, if I may, when FPS drops
  2. Hi, if yu are saying, that RTX3080 can do 90fps on G2 at about 60% SS (should be something like 2400x2400x2 pixels) on ultra preset with some tweaking and compromises, what kind of AA are you talking about in this case? Is it 4xFXAA or 4xMSAA or even 8xMSAA???
  3. Yeah, but even on RAF base palne with US pilot can spwan. We check it yesterday, mission "Mitchels men" On all bases including RAF Eidhoven, we spawn in P-47D-22 and all the time we have brown USA jacket, while Spitfire IX has RAF pilot on Eidhoven (blue jacket), but USA pilot on all other bases (brown jacket). So it seems, that check it with someone else after spawn is only way, how to detrmine, if you are fyling RAF or USA pilot... As someone said in the link I posted, it is not base dependent, every plane has a nation as parameter: "When you add aircraft to an airfield in the Full Mission E
  4. Alonzo, as i understand, you can place British plane on US airfield and vice versa, because nation is plane parameter in mission editor. Problem is, that to wear G-Suite on P-47, P38 and P-51, date starting september 1944 isnt enough, you have to be an american pilot, which is very confusing. Read this: So can you please confirm or disprove, that all planes which spawn on US airfield are american planes and all planes, which spwan on British airfiled are RAF planes in missions on your server? Thnak you very much. I understand, that this problem is caused by developers, who choose very un
  5. Oh great, so you have to be an american pilot, so you have absolutely no way, how to determine, if you have G-Suite or not in MP... Didnt know this before! more over as i understand, even on US airfield in MP, british plane can spawn, because nation is parameter for each aircraft. So server or mission editor can do hidden machination. Exactly what I said just 2 hours after anouncement of this feature and no reaction from developers, shame☹️ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/66656-game-version-4502-discussion-hurricane-c-47-bf-110-e2-in-4k-new-g-effect-tank-crew-and-other-improvements/
  6. Be aware, that he knows exactly, how i named you. And for others, it was after he deliberately killed me on the ground after my ditch, which is very popular sport of LG along with chute-killing, but for others, like me, it has nothing to do with gentlemen spirit of WW2 aerial dogfights. So after that non-gentleman move of you (definitely not first time) I stopped to be gentleman too...
  7. So does it start 9pm eastern or 12am GMT, thats two hours difference i realise just now and i expected to be 12am GMT:-(
  8. By mistake, I probably registered twice in 328th Fighter Sq P-47, so please delete my second registration. Appology for inconvinience... Also did not receive any email so far?
  9. So drop tanks, fuel system, marshal mode, etc... was/is no longer planned if i understand correctly?
  10. If that happens, you dont see any other plane on the server. Doesn matter if friendly or enemy, you can be right next to him on the ground on spawn point and you dont see him. It already happens to more than 50% of pilots of our squad, everytime the same, you can't se other planes, but they are there, they see you, they can shot you down etc. Some specifications and facts about it: -No matter how long you are on the server, it will not repair until you reconect the server -You dont see all planes on the server at that time, not just single or few... Like flying on empty s
  11. Are you gonna do something with that "invisible plane bug" on your server? I have died 3 times in last 24 hours before i realise I dont see other planes right in front of me... I dont know about any other server with this issue, moreover this bug is there at least several months and nothing change... Shame.
  12. I know the server is still running in Alpha mode, but if you already do something about such players, I think that BAN for some time would be nice: http://stats.il2-expert.ru:8080/en/sortie/log/14263/?tour=6
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