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  1. According to rule "Suspicious disconnects after taking damage will be investigated. While network connections can be flaky and the game can crash, a pattern of convenient disconnects will be followed up." i want to report pilot gelbevierzehn. He disconect just few seconds after he lost advantage, get into defensive and damaged his engine. Also check his stats, definitely not first DISCO... at least, he should explain this: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/313359/?tour=17
  2. So TAW is over, I am going to play Boddenplate servers now and as i can see there were almost no players on the KOTA last months... Thats quite a pitty, because a liked the server.... So lets say it loud and clear, its all because one player, named JG700_Rammjager, so thank you buddy...
  3. So because my previous post was erased from unknown reasons, oops i post it again... Britney in different, better way😎
  4. And just for curiosity, my post 7 hours ago was erased without any notice why? and by whom?
  5. How long is Hurricane, Yak-9 and Yak-9T available for pre-order please, I didnt notice anouncement about pre-order. Will 25% discount of these continue till their release, or will end on 3rd decemeber as other discounts? Thanks...
  6. Do you realise, that they have such a technology IRL? It is called human body, inner ear and so one. Actually every ww2 pilot could feel g-force from very small amout to across first negative consequencies till total lost of consequence. So to have some kind of indicator would be much more realistic, that have none, again, dont understand, how somebody cant understand this, even it was very good explained in first post. If i want or need such indicator in game, thats a another question... I used to fly without it already, but IRL, pilots have advantege agains us...
  7. Next example of non-understanding of "zoom issue". Its like beating dead horse, someone will never understand, why we have zoom in game no matter how hard and exactly you try to explain them. If you are just a little bit interested in the topic, i will explain it in 3 points. 1) The better FOV and the better resolution, both is better for pilot. 2) Real pilot have real FOV and real resolution at the same time 3) In game, on LCD screen, you can choose between: -real-like resolution and very poor FOV at the same time -real-like FOV and very poor resolution at the same time -anything in-between, so some kind of poor resolution a and poor FOV at the same time So in any case, you are in all possible options (zoomed in, zoomed out, anything between) in worse situation, then real pilot. If you dont understand that think, or you dont want to, there is nothink to say about.
  8. Hope, this is kind of joke (very good one actually), otherwise, it is absolute non-understanding of the issue...
  9. Realism - Yes. Realism on KOTA - Yes. Is normal vissibility more realistic then alternate one? - I dont think so, just my opinion so far, need more time playing and comparing. I dont even think, that normal option is same like before 3.201 patch. Actually, for me (1440p, IPS, G-Sync) much worse than pre 3.201. I cant see planes now. Yes, alternate visibillity is weird while zooming for instance, but i bellieve, they will tune it somehow... Just now, after thursday playing with normal and friday playing with alternate, friday was much better and more realistic.
  10. Not entirely true, you can use it while flying high with low manifold pressure setting. Automatic give you optimal switch only on full power setting, but lower MAP gives you higher optimal switch altitude. Same as on 18 lb/sqinch spitfire IX.
  11. You can not switch to second position in manual mode in game. IMHO, it is wrongly modelled.
  12. Version 3.201 if you move your head in P-51D to the side (maximal position with head in contact with canopy glass) with closed canopy, you hear wind like with open canopy. I doubt that P-51D canopy is so holey, wind should not be heard.
  13. Hi, which planes exactly from Bodenplate have G-Suite implemented in-game? Please, no speculation like xxx should have, only confirmed answear, ideally from devs... Thank you in advance.
  14. Bug report: -I think there is a bug on P-51D gyro sight dimmer. Lever on the right side is moving but no dimmer pop-up... -Second bug, if you move your head in ponny to the side with closed canopy, you hear wind like with open canopy. I doubt that P-51D canopy is so crapy and holey..
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