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  1. I was playing around last night in a tank mission and saw they already have the Stug III Ausf F in the game, so I wonder why don't they just make that available since the model is already in the game?
  2. 1. I kinda had Battle of Normandy tank actions in mind when creating this list 2. The Churchill was used by the Soviets at Kursk 3. British armored units were sent to the Bulge at one point I also don't get the sent, regarding the Stuart that the devs want to add light tanks/vehicles to Tank Crew Never considered barrel changes as a modification, I hope the devs realize this as well!
  3. Would really like the next installment of Tank Crew to be the Battle of the Bulge hopefully with the following vehicles: M4A3 Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eight Sherman (aka the tank from Fury) Sherman Firefly Churchill Mk IV Tank M10 Wolverine Achilles Tank Destroyer M36 Jackson Panther Ausf G Pz IV Ausf H King Tiger Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer" Stug III Ausf G (if not included in Clash at Prokhorovka in an update) Two possible campaigns: 1. The Race to Bastogne by the US 4th Armored Divison 2. The Drive to the Meuse River
  4. Are there any plans on adding the female crew option to other Soviet Aircraft?
  5. I kinda was surprised that the Stug III (Ausf G) and Su-76 are not initially included for Clash at Prokhorovka despite both being at the Battle of Kursk. Are there any plans to include both vehicles at a later date?
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