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  1. American trucks on the Eastern front is what won the war, at least according to Khrushchev in his autobiography. when i was younger i used to love to hate the P-51 because it was popular but now at the grand age of 32 if I could wish for any plane to own it may be a P-51. It just looks ******** good, performs good, has a good history. but i hear you on the intolerable blahblahblah won the war popcorn documentaries that the history channel was pumping out 20 years ago - no idea if that's still the case haven't watched television in a decade. edit: I really dont hate any aircraft be
  2. i forget the aeronautical word, maybe its "unstable", but fighters are designed not to naturally return to stable form of flight, where as normal civil airplanes are designed to do so. maybe that is the problem?
  3. I'd like the battle of berlin (and makes sense with b-109g10 and late war soviet planes), but its been said by them before that western stuff makes more money. so my bet is on a non-carrier pacific
  4. Haven't played it in Tolbruk, not only would I be interested to see which is more accurate, I got the A2A P-40 for prepar3d (by the way its free as a gift during covid times! before was $50) but havent had a chance to compare it to IL2 not to derail the thread, so like to add while irl mustang is my favorite, in game it is the I-16, just fun and rewarding to fly and fight in
  5. Been reading about American training and it got me curious, what was Soviet training like? I assume in the early years of the war it was a lot briefer than American and British. So did the Soviet have a tier system like the Americans (primary/basic/advanced), if so how did they transition, U2 straight into an IL-2 or or was there an intermediate aircrft like a harvard or BT-13 they trained on?
  6. despite eastern front being my favorite and being a bit of a nut for the 109 knowing all kinds of bizarre information about model differences etc, if i could choose one and only one and have it too irl.... P-51D cliche but cliche for a reason, its a nice plane to look at
  7. awesome beebop, ive searching last 45 minutes for photos and was going to suggest something like you just posted! thanks!!!!
  8. oh sweet!!!!!!! codes are fine as they are, thanks!!!!!! hmmm ill look up some historical chinese things from the 20s and 30s, see what i can find thanks!!!
  9. Hey Beebop! I think blank tail is good and no letters or codes, make them generic so not too personalized for the others. very cool, thanks!!!!!!! imperial russian one looks great btw 😄
  10. oh so cool! oh a tough choice to choose one hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think just one of the following - whatever you think would be interesting or easiest, just one. hungary, germany (sans the swatiska) and china are the skins i like to tool around in and explore so doesnt matter which one. please no worries if too busy!
  11. some great skins! since the U2 appears in the other countries' colors, would love to have the U-2 painted up as a Bucker Bu 131 or a U-2 in KMT colors to match my nationlist chinese i-16😍
  12. BODDENPLATTE thanks for this, hoping that we can all get along and be merry these days vielen dank!!!
  13. i do use mine to tool around with and do turns around a point and GA things like that, i mean irl you solo after just a few hours , in game not really necessary i think to do flight instruction beyond talking somebody through on discord or flying next to them
  14. Thanks for offering this and I want to participate! Don't own FCvol1 but wish to play and want to play! had rise of flight and want to get back over the front! thnaks and good luck to everyone!
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