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  1. saw this on a multiplayer server...
  2. I can select a mission but I get 'mission briefing loading' and it sticks there... everything else works, multiplayer, QMB, etc
  3. Took off, took out a ship, turned back to a huge furball over the airfield, zapped an AAA unit, took a shot at a Spitfire, then through like a ghost...damn that was fun
  4. great fun, just wish it didn't automatically end when you complete the objectives
  5. my PC decided to play a little prank on me, now my GB icons are missing and I don't know how t get them back...if I open the GB folder and click on the GB application a window says I must open with administrator permission...
  6. I don't want to buy this if there is no one online to fly against.
  7. I've been in situations where my memory was not the same as what actually transpired. I once responded to a report of a person being shot and the shooter came out of the building carrying a rifle and the guy shot 8 times was laying there on the grass. My recollection is quite different from the physical layout of the place. I also have no recollection of about half of what happened. I think PTSD had something to do with it, so I would agree that during times of severe stress your mind will do funny things.
  8. I know we don't have an A6 but in Pierre Clostermann's The Big Show he described a 'magnificent' all yellow A6. It was destroyed in a headon pass with his squadron leader.
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