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  1. Which is the better plane in BOS? I'm asking because JE Johnson in the book Wing Leader has a very definite opinion.
  2. I've always suspected you used it for divebombing and it's offset due to engine torque...right or wrong?...and does anyone use it that way?
  3. I've had a freeze on two (same) missions in a row, I think it is the 4th mission where you look for a long line of supply vehicles after a looooooooooong flight so this is quite irritating...it happens when you are almost done and there is very little going on ahead, a lot going on behind you so I don't understand why it is doing that...
  4. Got into Combat Box a few minutes ago and grabbed an A-20, from the moment of takeoff I had an extreme shaking in the cockpit...if i went to a gunner position I saw no shaking. Anyone have a clue?
  5. I'd love to get VR but..cost. I've flown flight sims for years so am very used to the snapviews and I like to keep my left hand on the throttle...it's just too awkward. Oh well, I just flew the first mission in Havoc over the Kuban and it was awesome so I'll just do single player unless I feel suicidal.
  6. Anybody else like me, got a big ass monitor but plays w/o VR, resolution is pretty low, I can see planes but I can't make out what they are...? I can use the camera move in function but I play with joystick in right hand and I would need a 3rd hand to use the mouse and it's just too awkward...so while I love to play multiplayer, the first clue I have that it's an enemy a/c is when it saddles up behind and knocks me right out of the sky... I wish you could get a tiny icon, either red/blue when the a/c gets w/i the normal distance that a pilot would be able to identify an a/c in real life, cause with a monitor, I do not have 20/20 vision.
  7. Are you just using the map icons to simulate radar?
  8. Is there any runway info on these bases? I'd like to know how long the runways are, which have services, like where can I get a donut or a $100 hamburger...
  9. at least the early model P-51...Donald Lopez like the 6 50 cal machine guns of the P-40 over the 4 50cal guns of the P-51B...also said the P-40 had better visibility...when the P-51D came along, though...yeah, he liked that one
  10. I'm reading Donald Lopez's excellent 'Into the Teeth of the Tiger' about his war fighting the Japanese over China...almost all of his missions were ground attack and almost always they carried parafrags and he said they were quite effective. I wish the devs could come up with these weapons...
  11. from Bud Fortier's book An Ace of the Eighth: My first flight in the P-40 is still etched in my memory. Challenge no. 1 was keeping the thing on the runway during the takeoff roll. I couldn't see over that huge nose in front of the cockpit, and I was standing on the right rudder to keep the engine torque from pulling me off the left side of the runway into a swamp. As the tail lifted, I could see over the nose, and that helped. When the airspeed increased, the P-40 came alive and lifted into its own element. It began to act like an airplane. Challenge no. 2 was getting the landing gear up. It was no simple matter, like just pulling the gear handle up. I did that, but the gear stayed down. Then I remembered that the hydraulic system had to be actuated before the gear could come up. There was a little ring on the end of a wire attached to the stick. First you had to find the little ring without letting the airplane get away from you, and then you hooked your little finger in the ring and pulled. This opened the valve that allowed hydraulic fluid to get to the gear---and presto! The gear came up. The engineer who devised this system obviously never flew the P-40. By the time I got the gear up, the engine throttled back and the propeller pitch adjusted, I was over Big Cypress Swamp, climbing through five thousand feet. I saw the Gulf of Mexico ahead and Tampa to my left, and it occurred to me that I'd better not let the airfield out of my sight. I was not familiar with this part of the world. I turned back and located the field. The rest of this orientation flight was flown in a wide circle of the base, trying to memorize checkpoints to keep from getting lost in case I was ever talking into flying a P-40 again. I did a few rolls and lazy eights. Finally, I thought, I'm getting used to the feel of this airplane. At about 15 thousand feet I started a shallow dive to build up airspeed for a loop. I needed ever-increasing pressure on the left rudder to keep the nose pointed straight ahead; as I pulled the nose up, I had to apply more and more right rudder as power increased and airspeed decreased. On the back sided of the loop, just the opposite--less power, more speed, and more left rudder were needed. I felt i was learning a foot-stomping dance step. My first landing was uneventful, unless you consider a jarring, bouncing, jackrabbit landing uneventful. I was just glad to get back on terra firma.
  12. some joker playing the national anthem over the radio
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