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  1. I don't want to buy this if there is no one online to fly against.
  2. I've been in situations where my memory was not the same as what actually transpired. I once responded to a report of a person being shot and the shooter came out of the building carrying a rifle and the guy shot 8 times was laying there on the grass. My recollection is quite different from the physical layout of the place. I also have no recollection of about half of what happened. I think PTSD had something to do with it, so I would agree that during times of severe stress your mind will do funny things.
  3. I know we don't have an A6 but in Pierre Clostermann's The Big Show he described a 'magnificent' all yellow A6. It was destroyed in a headon pass with his squadron leader.
  4. Wow, tks for doing Neel Kearby's ride! He loved the P-47, preferred it to the P-38. Great fighter pilot and leader.
  5. Well, this is messed up. I used a promo code to buy Achtung Spitfire campaign because I did not see it in the campaigns folder, then I noticed I had already bought it in May. I still cannot see it in my campaigns folder but I do see it when I open it inside the game.
  6. You're doing the Lord's work! I do believe I would d/l every skin on every plane that ever flew in WWII...
  7. A newly published book, Race of Aces, tells the story of the race to be the top fighter ace in the Pacific theater, so it is about Richard Bong, Gerald Johnson, Neel Kearby, Tom Lynch. Accounts of their victories and their mistakes, which often cost them their lives. One thing I learned which I did not know was that on occasion some of these guys would go off and hunt Japanese planes, ON THEIR OWN! Sometimes they took a single wingman. They were so confident in their abilities they felt they could get away with it. Of course, we're not talking dogfights here, we are seeing how many of these victories were scored, which was a boom and zoom, high altitude to low altitude attack and get the hell out. Great book, though.
  8. Well, the missions I've been flying have come in under 2000 ft, so that is fubar.
  9. Beautiful skin...which 109 is this for? tks
  10. in career mode, going on a typical strike mission and ingressing at below 2000 ft...I don't believe this is historical, in fact my understanding is that bombs would be released no lower than 3000 from a dive, so I don't understand why these missions are set up that way
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