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  1. Dear Community, Air Attack Tactical Combat will be running a Tactical Combat event in Sturmovikfest Saturday May 1st! We have a sign up sheet for both days down below I will post the days/Times. This is going to be a really fun event, I hope everyone is interested and will be able to attend one of the events. Air Attack Tactical Combat is a newer server that has been in development for about a year now. We are growing as a community, we have 2 devoted mission/map creators by the name of Warrior and Firestorm. We have created a game-play that no one else has ever seen i
  2. Hey guys! Air Attack Tactical Combat is a newer server that has been out for about a year now. We are still in the early beta stages of our server and we are going to be creating 2 server types. Expert and Normal settings. We have created a game-type that we need help testing. This test will be in more normal relaxed settings but the game-play will be added to our Expert server. Please will you guys help me test. We do have a community that is also showing up to this event but it would be awesome if we could get over 50+ players at this event! Down at the bottom I will post a news letter expla
  3. Squadron: =MERCS= Active Pilots: 12 Side: Allies Time Zone: NA US PST
  4. Hey m8 can I get a discord link invite? We can chat about the league
  5. The Min number of pilots in our next league will be 7 but if you have more then 7 you have to match what the other squad has so 8v8 9v9 10v10 etc etc always have to be even. Why don't we set up a time for LG and 20's to do a friendly scrimmage so you guys can get a feel for what the league is all about? We can coordinate through here or discord would probably be better option.
  6. Greetings IL-2 Community, I am making this post today to see if my server that I run can get some interest in squad vs squad events, such as leagues, tournaments, events. My Server that I run is called Air Attack Tactical Combat. We have 6 active squadrons right now and we have successfully completed a 10 week league with playoffs! I will post the website down below so you can get a feel for it. We are trying to start up our 2nd active league but we want to recruit more squadrons for better gameplay! Now when reading this post please "NOTE" that this is a squad vs squad league style e
  7. Hello m8! I run a server called Air Attack Tactical Combat. We do special events squad vs squad leagues tournaments etc etc. We also did a 1v1 tournament that was with a double elimination bracket. Our rules are very simple when it comes to 1v1. I will post below what they are. We will be having more 1v1 tournaments in the future. Would love to have you be apart of it! We are very unique as we pretty much the only server that does squad vs squad combat such as leagues tournaments etc etc. Basic Rules: Spawn in at the same altitude Head towards your enemy cold pass "meaning do not fir
  8. Hey Spocks I had a question for you. Would you mind getting on discord and having a chat? I have been reading your posts and would like to chat with you about your server. https://discord.gg/FK7yrGy Warrior
  9. Doesn't look like devs care because they moved my post out of the complaints section and haven't even responded lol. Gotta love that!
  10. Hey guys so I have a question. I run a server called Air Attack Tactical Combat, we use icons and padlock views are enabled. Problems we are running into with several of my player base when using the padlock feature of the game out of no where it just stops working. The button assigned on your joystick padlock won't work at all. The only way to get it back working is moving your hat switch around a couple times pushing on it on the joystick really hard. This also applies to Track IR or any head tracking system. What I am thinking because this just happened to me last night. The Padlock setting
  11. Thank You very much m8! I am really great full that you took the time to do this for me. I have been learning the editor past 2 months and I think I have come a long way but still learning. Thank you this was a very great full help. Works perfectly! If you ever want to fly with us your more then welcome. I run Air Attack Tactical Combat (US/NA Base server) but we welcome everyone! Thanks again m8. https://il2airattack.com/ https://discord.gg/mD6cZ6C Warrior
  12. Hey guys I have made a video down below asking about airfield logic. Please watch the video and any insight would be greatly appreciated. This is the final step to finishing my map logic and won't have to ask anyone anymore http://vsqma.site/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Airfield-Testing-1.zip
  13. Hey guys so I am posting a video on what I am trying to accomplish. This problem is accruing with GE side and Allied Side both bases. Any help would be great. In the video I explain my issue. It is doing the same thing for both sides axis and allies. http://vsqma.site/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/stalingrad-airfield-group4.zip Thanks guys Warrior
  14. We are having a few issues on our server. No spawn points visible - either while playing or just entering the map. The same map can be fine one rotation and the next rotation there are no spawn points. Server restarting by itself. Stuttering on some maps. The maps have a tick delay of around 5-8 mostly. This issue came around the time of the last update, but I cant put it down to that solely. I have done a full reinstall of the game and that fixed the issue temporarily but soon came back after a few hours. Any help would be great as it's got me stumped on what
  15. Hey guys I run a server called AIR ATTACK TACTICAL COMBAT I am fairly new to the mission editor program been doing it about 4 months now. What I am trying to do is Get a Airfield to be taken over and when its taken over the correct AAA spawns with the same country. What I need is a Allied Airfield at the start with GE taking over the Airfield. So how I want the airfield to be taken over is by MCU counter with destroying buildings. Can anyone make me a group and have this done? I have tried for over 200 hours to do it myself I can't do it. I will pay anyone who is willing to do this for me. I j
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