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  1. I also saw your link to my post asking for help. I own every module through steam. And my situation remains unchanged. I have contacted support on my bodenplatte issue to receive no useful help. I do not give a crap what it shows on this forum. Would you like me to post what I've purchased through steam. I'm frustrated cause here we are months later and I have no solution other than rolling the dice. And if the game decides if I can fly bodenplatte 2out of 10 times I'm good. Otherwise I'm screwed. Do not link me please. I've submitted 3 tickets to no avail. My account is linked . I've all but given up. I cannot reccomend the current keyless system to be trustworthy
  2. Sadly My purchases were post update 3.004.. so i have no keys. My account shows on the website that i own Bodenplatte. On steam i own every other module and plane. Like i said it is merged and it is a royal pain in the butt to get all my modules availible at one time. Support has been no help. stating that i do own Bodenplatte.And can do nothing about my steam owned modules. I just want everything i own to show up at the same time. Reached out to steam as well but there as its a keyless system now, they are helpless as well. I have and its gotten me nowhere. Its why i am reaching out here in the hopes someone has been through this. post 3.004.
  3. Hello I own Every Module available for IL2 Great Battles On Steam. I purchased Boddenplatte( Premium edition) Through the webstore here In late October i think. Well before the steam launch. Now My accounts are linked. Heres where it gets frustrating. I launch il2 on steam and maybe 2-3 times out of 10 i get to actually use Boddenplatte. The rest of the time it shows as not owned planes are locked, No Bodenplatte available on start screen. Doesnt matter if i try and play single or multiplayer. It is not availible. I have submitted a ticket. The response was - I own Bodenplatte. (basically no help) I have reinstalled at least 10 times, with no help in the 2 out of 10 times availability. I have tried to force Re linking in game by bypassing the steam exe and launching directly from the game install folder, It seldom works, and when it does only Boddenplatte is available. It like I said is frustrating and I could use some help
  4. Same as here I only have access to a module that i paid for 2-3 launches out of 10. Started new thread asking for help
  5. I have all modules on steam, and Boddenplatte through the webstore. Boddenplatte does not show available 3/4 of the time when I launch steam and the planes aren't available. Very frustrating. Have reinstalled countless times, and Contacted support. Only to be told i own it (Boddenplatte)...... No kidding. My account is linked as well.
  6. I ordered Mine In Graphite Black. ( they were in stock). On October 30th. I received them Today November 7th , Western U.S. They were here alot faster than i expected. Ive already put 3 or so hours on them . I will never plug my 15+ year old C-H Pros again. I haven't even started adjusting /tweaking them for comfort. They are awesome. They really cant be compared to any pedals with sliders. Now I am sure there Probably is better out there I just don't know if there are any with toe brakes at the 300 dollar mark, with no sliders.. I paid 355 dollars for the pedals, and every spare part would have been about 300 if i did not buy all the extra parts. If you are on the fence . Take the leap they are awesome.
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