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  1. Is this squadron not available in PWGC? I thought I saw that you could fly it and there would be actual night missions, unlike the in-game career mode.
  2. Could we get the option to have a couple female character options in career mode? Even taking the most effeminate male option kills the immersion if you want to do a Litvyak/ Nightwitch career. Speaking of the Night Witches- I see the squadron on the map, but it can't be joined. Any chance it would ever be active for career mode?
  3. So if I'm not playing in 4k night videos will always be bad? Or can I play in 1080 and then just export the video as 4k? That would probably take a different video editor, I don't see any 4k options in the Windows program.
  4. How can I keep the blacks & shadows from getting all gross and pixelated looking? The video looks exactly how I want it to while editing, but as soon as I export the file it gets the look you see above. Is that due to how the Windows video editor handles the dark?
  5. Outstanding! Being able to track the aircraft was the problem, I was able to use the free cam to line up shots for ground objects.
  6. I'm surprised it carries over into the flight recordings. Not having those exterior views of enemy aircraft is a downer when trying to edit together a video. Especially so as this has been my favorite campaign by far and it feels like my videos don't do it justice.
  7. Quick question @Juri_JS Are the camera views locked on this campaign? I was trying to edit together some videos from my missions but I'm not able to flip between the different views.
  8. Are you flying from one of the ground attack squadrons? Or is this a fighter squadron doing occasional strike missions? I did a career in I believe it was SG.II and I thought the AI did well. They only jettisoned if planes came after us, and they attacked all types of targets on the missions. They did so well as jabos that I came away impressed at the amount of damage we'd do to the targets. I was never the flight leader, though. The only disappointing thing was their tendency to linger over the target area and THEN get into it with enemy fighters. To prevent huge losses to
  9. Friends & I took I-16's up last night and ran into a flight of 110's (and a random lone 109) outside Moscow Barcelona. The Mosca is fun little plane.
  10. So the video looks fine (albeit dark, but hey, it's nighttime!) on my phone and friends have told me it looks ok on their pc. Why does the youtube upload look so artifacted on my end? It doesn't look that way if I watch the video from the actual file on my PC.
  11. I've tried making a few videos of nighttime sorties, but they always end up looking like this once I upload to youtube: I have no issue with daylight videos, they turn out fine:
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