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  1. Sorry, dude! I have an automatic gear box. No need to use different levels. Just step on the gas and wipe that tear away!! WTFH LMAO on your comment.:D
  2. That's right! One just have to be careful with the axis wheel or lever.
  3. Who is talking about Focke-Wulf 190?? Who is talking about trimmers?? Who is talking about using flaps in combat or with high velocity??In Messerschmitt 109 the landing flaps are lowered and lifted with a wheel!!!
  4. Maybe you don't see it, but e.g. in Me 109 the flaps were lowered and and lifted with a wheel and that means axis in this game!!!
  5. Developers!! Why there is no possibility to use axis control for flaps up/down function??
  6. This is the fourth and final volume in J. Richard Smith and Eddie J Creek's chronological study of the Messerschmitt Me 262 and it concludes the work by focusing on the last, desperate days of the jet's daylight combat operations during April and May 1945. Using rare eye-witness accounts, the authors portray both sides of the air war between the Me 262 and Allied piston engine fighters and bombers. The authors have drawn extensively from the personal accounts of both German and Allied pilots as well as thousands of archive documents. Also included in the volume is an in-depth look at various high-speed and swept wing variants and projects and also a detailed study of American, French, British, Czech, and Japanese post-war testing and evaluation and production. This final aspect of the Me 262 story is complemented by many rare photographs taken in both Germany and overseas as well as accompanying full-color artwork.(Buyable in Amazon.uk) Sorry!! Buyable in amazon.com!!
  7. It only gives you possibility to launch all rockets at once or 6 per button push. That was not the case in the real 262!!!
  8. It would be nice if the player could choose how many rockets he could launch per one button push. (That was an option in the real Me 262s) Another extra addition would be a Kettenrad towing 262s from parking areas to runways and vice versa.
  9. Is there any possibility to add Me262 to the fighter list for Kuban in config.ini so that it can be a flyable plane??
  10. Well, actually Soviet Union did not invade Finland in 1939 in Winter War. Finnish Army gave them one hell of a resistance. In Moscow Peace in March 1940 we lost abt. 10% of our country. But you are right. During the years 1939-1944 there were quite a lot of air combats between Soviet and Finnish pilots.
  11. Problem solved!! I did not save the level I had selected.😀
  12. How can I adjust rain or snow intensity in mission editor for Battle of Bodenplatte?
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