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  1. @@Finkeren Can I have a link to this?
  2. I'm looking for mods for IL-2: BOS but can't find any Anyone can help?
  3. I payed $90 for the premium edition of the game, and I have still to grind kills to unlock vehicle modifications?
  4. Feb. 28, 2014, I had access to them before, but not now. Weird
  5. I'm a founder but I can't seem to find or use any founder skins for my planes.
  6. I keep getting "failed to update" whenever I try to update my game. Anyone know the problem?
  7. Ehren23


    Oh, I just bought mine at the weekend that just happened. Hope it still means I get the 2 exclusive planes
  8. Ehren23


    Thanks, just cant wait for the FW109 and LA-5. Also how did you get the Golden IL2 badge under your name?
  9. Ehren23


    For the Second part of my question; does anyone know when The LA-5 or the FW190 may be released. Also, It it just me who can't take the siren on the JU-87 and when I try to take machine gun pods and load into a game it put me back to the main menu?
  10. He never nearly crashed. That is actually how the SU-35 hooks onto the carrier with it's arresting rod.
  11. Ehren23


    Cheers for the tips guys. I knew the Lagg-3 was too heavy for its underpowered engine, I just wanted to know any tips.
  12. Yeah, I own that game but it lacks quite a lot of content right now. Right now it only has a mess around map to test the physics and a few races.
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