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  1. Besides many drunken finns (which I understand is a normal condition), anything special campaign wise during UrbanBlitz 2020 ? 😄
  2. So, what both you and Temuri are saying, is that in 1 mission, all dugouts should have same %, so when in the same mission most dugouts have 2%, some have 1% and some 3 or 4%, it means something is broken ?
  3. Not my intention to go deep into the mechanics, I just want to be able to get front target to 0% and test tat R/R/R you guys implemented, however every time I try that, I end up at 2% left and that bothers me... I try to figure out why that is happening so you may fix it. I doubt getting same 2% result every time is just a coincidence.
  4. I am in a mission now where again I attacked tanks by myself (no other player touched that target). I destroyed all targets there, but still that damn 2% remaining; however this time I typed "<s" after each dugout destroyed and I noticed the following anomalies: - 2 dugouts were worth 1% each - 1 dugout was worth 0% - 1 dugout was worth 4% - all other dugouts were 2% The 0% and 4% was not one after the other so it is not due to the fact that I may have hit "<s" too soon before target could be logged as destroyed (see attached screenshots), however their average is 2% so it is ok. However those who were worth 1% may be a problem, the remaining 1% from each if summed is exactly the 2% that cannot be destroyed (or maybe the 0% may be the problem lol).
  5. Regarding points, I meant website stats, it is a big loss you cannot work with that, it would have made a great tool.
  6. I observed many times that for some dugouts I get 3% and for most of the dugouts I get 2%, so this may be worth investigating.
  7. Again yesterday I went with tank to front target (in 2 missions) and I was the only one to engage that target. First mission I completely destroyed all available targets at "front", including dugouts, but there still was a 2% remaining. Next mission I did the same, but 1 dugout left and 5% of target before map changed. I made a flight record and went back to check for missing (maybe buried) targets and there were none left. So all targets 100% destroyed by my tank, but in both cases a 2 or 3 % still left alive. The only thing I can think of is that not all dugout are worth the same amount of points - for some I get 3% and for some I get 2%, can this be an issue ? Another issue that bothers me and probably any other player that drives a tank around, is that heavy AA (85mm / 88mm) from arty, airfield or bridges, are sniping our tanks from very big distance, even when we are within cover (got sniped while I was inside a big village, by AA shooting from far away through buildings). Is it possible to restrict their ground engagements in some way ? About tanks I think it would be fair that any tank lost would subtract its share of % from the base it spawned, for example if I loose my PzIIIL from "Front" in Sector #1, then 3% (or whatever a PzIIIL is worth) should be subtracted from that location. Regarding airplane points and losses, my proposal is to have a system in place that on one side rewards people for doing their job (mud moving, escorting, cap-ing) and also encourage pilots to return their plane to the airfield. Example for rewarding system: - all bomber/jabo pilots who destroyed targets in a sector that is advancing at the end of the mission, receive extra points for their ground kills, proportional to the overall damage of that target (if the target a pilot attacked is destroyed 100%, that pilot will get credited an extra 300% of overall points for the ground objects he destroyed, if the target was only 10% destroyed, he gets an extra 30% points) - nothing changes for pilots who attacked targets in sectors that are loosing ground (it remains as it is now) - fighters who intercept bombers, assault planes and Ju52's (hs120, bf110, il2), get more points for downing an aircraft than they do now - fighters who CAP an area and prevent that area from being destroyed, get extra points at the end of the mission - harder to implement I think (still struggling with FMB and triggers, so do not have a concrete solution), maybe have a zone around own ground targets that is triggered by presence of friendly fighters and somehow manage to log how long an aircraft is staying there ? The idea is not only to reward fighters who cap a zone and kill enemy bombers/attack planes, but also fighter pilots who cap a zone and act as a deterrent to attacking force, they can shoot at, chase away, damage enemy bombers/attack planes, without actually shooting them down. If time spent inside a certain area can be logged, a scoring system is not hard, it would take into account the total time spent in that area and how much of that target survived at the end of the mission + extra points for each bomber/attack aircraft downed or damaged. - still thinking of a system of rewarding escort pilots, this would be a great asset ! - If a pilot returns his airplane to an active airfield, a certain amount of points should be awarded for each 15 minutes spent flying (sometimes I cap'ed for 40 minutes without having kills, I rtb'ed happy to have prevented the other team destroying their targets, but when landed was pretty depressed to see 0 acknowledgment for my part)
  8. For some reason pilot stats are not updating - been stuck on 01.01.2020 Edited: this is fixed if I press "Current Mission Information" then go back to Main and search again in stats. Bug only happens when I first open http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/ Edited 2: guess I figured out what happened - if I click on my name in "Summary Previous Tour" it only gives info until 01.01.2020 (even if that's also active tour). SO I guess after you implemented the new features, it considers it a new tour.
  9. Just did some Ju52 missions one after the other and blue smoke did not activate. First sortie blue smoke went on and para drop was counted, next sorties no blue smoke.
  10. I used to think it is only big bombs fault, but it is not. Example from last night (misison that ended around 3:00) : I went to arty target with PzIIIL and destroyed all soft targets with cannon and MG fire, then I went again to arty with Bf110, only 1 bomb destroyed a dugout, the remaining dugouts I destroyed by cannon fire. All 10 dugouts are accounted for by server ([url=http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/299964/?tour=33]you can see that in my stats[/url]). As you can see, after tank sortie and before Bf110 arty was down to 53%, after all dugouts were destroyed and accounted for, arty was still 26%. So this means that tank kills may also be bugged, or the problem could lay elsewhere (I will test some more, situation permitting). Regarding the half buried tanks, this morning I took several screenshots from different positions, maybe it will help sort the problem out.
  11. The damage bug is rather annoying. Me and Flesch went to Front Depo #2 and destroyed it 100%, but server shows 31% is still alive. As you can see from the screenshots, there was nothing more to shoot at. Maybe we can find a way around this issue ? Allowing for such error somehow and still making it possible for a team to get 100% destroyed, would be great.
  12. I think second option is better - give a chance to opposite team to destroy R/R/R objects, it would be fair.
  13. PzIIIL is not available anymore at tank bases, is it related to the update from today ? (Edited: the default T34 is available, but not the pz3) Is it possible to add "News from the front" in the website under "Current Mission Information" ? Would be nice to read what happened previous mission. Is it possible, if the other side's tank base is completely destroyed, to activate a new tank base in that location (for the team that destroyed it) ? Or at least spawn an R/R/R in that area.
  14. Temuri you were asking on discord about what happens to tank base after front targets are 100% destroyed, the base becomes inactive - you cannot spawn with tanks on it anymore, but icon still on map:
  15. Thank you ! Re t34 bug, we tested and as far as invulerability once it had engine damaged, it is gone, multiple times we hit t34 engine, damaged it, then continued shooting until it was destroyed. Were there any other annoying bugs regarding t34 ? Edited: as for driving in reverse after engine damage, could not establish much as i personally noticed similarities with pz3l with engine damaged but still functional, no idea how it was before.
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