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  1. Then be more happy! I'm following your thread and even I don't comment your work I find it very interesting. Usually skiners have one or two favorite plane to skin, often LW planes and what I like is that you paint all planes, regardless of nationality or popularity. And not always historical. I think stepping out of frame sometimes is good thing Salut!
  2. If bomber is not flying in straight line he can't drop bombs accurately, and you've done your job as interceptor Picture and explanation is for how to train. And once you get grip on it you do it instinctively, and almost always first strike is crippling or even kill. If bomber hits you with forward firing weapon you are to slow, didn't extend enough or both. Video about that by Mr.X in Russian:
  3. Everybody have to learn, nobody's born knowing so don't put noob etiquette on yourself. Here is my on topic advice - Basically, when attacking bombers you want to always be fast and keep them in your sight. Try to take parallel course with target at some distance and above. When target comes beside and below you, start your attack by turning into it and in shallow dive. Angle between your trajectory and targets trajectory should be between 45-60 deg. This should put your target in front of your nose for slight deflection shot at such high speed even most skilled gunners will have hard time aiming at you. After you pass target make some separation keeping your speed at all times, then climb again, at approx same height and distance as before first attack only on the opposite side. Looking from above it should resemble slalom-like trajectory, the difference is you are converting kinetic energy to height and vice versa. Doing like this allows you to easily keep track of target and also makes you more difficult target for escorting planes. And if you catch someone on your six you'll always have energy/speed/height to disengage.
  4. Try that approach in Yak (or Mig) against Ju-88 and Ju-87
  5. I would also recommend Stalingrad. For soviet side you'll get Yak-1s69 which, in my opinion is what you are looking. And two nice performing 109s for axis. You can wait for discounts and later complement that set with some of "collector" planes and have perfect set for multiplayer.
  6. I hope it's for some new interesting article If you need anything else just ask! Cheers mate!
  7. Hot Moscow Burgers http://www.st-dialog.ru/en/magazin/505-goryachie-moskovskie-kotlety-s-bulochkoj/
  8. СПАСИБО ДЕДУ ЗА ПОБЕДУ! Beautiful video. Thanks!
  9. 102nd Yugoslav Squadron on standy! Contact me if you need bigger resolution!
  10. ShutzEngelchen, Cipson is great guy, known and well respected in both Italian and international community wich used to play SEOW in old game. He's definitely not a cheater! S!
  11. Yugoslav 111th and 112th Fighter Regiment Polish 1. Figter Regiment "Warszawa" Soviet 812 IAP +1 for Lilya Litvyak's White 23
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