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  1. Thanks. Let me know when you've checked them. To everyone, sorry I been inactive and haven't added any new planes or anything. I haven't bought anything recent even though there has been good sales...
  2. Great stuff. For some reason Rod was too modest to post this here himself. Part 1: Part 2:
  3. Very excellent job sir. I'm thankful. I'm surprised the eject button works, I though they didn't have parachutes back then.
  4. Is this what you're looking for? Here's all the controls in one sheet, and plane specific controls in another.
  5. Wow, you're right. I don't think it does anything though, I didn't see anything moving in the external view. Plus no technochat, plus the plane "handbook" says radiators are all auto, without mention of emergency radiators.
  6. Good find, you're correct. I'll remove that. Thanks. The Flying Circus sheet is in the same link also. It's another sheet. If you want to have a go at it, it would be very helpful, thanks
  7. I just tested in the QMB and the window command does nothing. The canopy command opens/closes those cargo doors and the cockpit side-window.
  8. Good question. I tried all the controls in every plane (see my signature) and the window-button was a total dud. Same goes for: - Fire secondary turret guns - Gunsight reset (I thought this would reset gyro, but nope) - Visor vertical adjustment - Visor horizontal adjustment - Visor adjustment reset I guess these are misplaced tank controls, or placeholders for future planes...
  9. YaK-9 and YaK-9T are to be released today or tomorrow. If anyone bought them, could you please fill in the data here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I-dIZoZTHnMtCFZRLeVcYeThJdBw9GL9XJmg7WGtR0Q/edit?usp=sharing Again, anyone with a google account can edit it. I have a backup if someone messes it up. I put the old YaKs as a reference there, but please try out "every" command just to be sure. I mean, I know they won't have bomb bay doors but, you know, OCD... 🤪 They might have gunsight filters and positions though, modes and adjustments too i
  10. And I tried using Thrustmaster TARGET software and that was also more trouble than worth. You can map directly, or if you want to squeeze extra from your hardware try Joystick Gremlin (I use that).
  11. Wolf, I don't have a map, but here's something else to help you with the control "jungle". You can filter this sheet to show only those controls that are applicable to Stalingrad planes. And in "all controls" sheet there are some useful notes...
  12. Is anyone willing to help me fill in the data for Flying Circus? Truth is, I won't buy it myself until it's -75% It's quite a boring job honestly, I went through all the planes in the game and tried every command to see if something happened. Technochat on. If someone is bored enough to do that, you can use this sheet, anyone can edit it. Mark a working control with an "x" under the plane. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I-dIZoZTHnMtCFZRLeVcYeThJdBw9GL9XJmg7WGtR0Q/edit?usp=sharing With trims and radiators (if there are any) you'll need to
  13. According to my handy-dandy sheet, of those planes only A-20 has parking brakes, but even those gets disengaged when pressing normal brakes. I dunno, RPM control perhaps?
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