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  1. There are several smells going on tbh (although that could be down to a dodgy 'ruby' last night). Battle of France, Battle of Britain and Channel melees in 41, 42, 43 are definitely possible. I know the map as shown on the announcement doesn't include London, but on the map itself it said 'Final size May differ - work in progress'. If they can possibly include London without making it too big, that'll be great. Battle of France would obviously need some French planes, a Morane would help as it could be used in any Finnish/Leningrad map in the future. From a career perspective, you could have a French career moving from the Battle of France to Battle of Britain and then into the BoM, BoS, BoK in a semi realistic 'Normandie Niemen' kind of thing. Ah well it's good to dream 😊.
  2. I think all things considered this is a very good decision to build a battle using this map. All those wanting 'anything but the Eastern Front' can be content, whilst those who wanted the individual battles already present to be further joined up can also be happy. I for one think it's a great idea. Not only is it a hugely important battle in it's own right, it links nicely with the Battle of Bodenplatte. It also creates a lot of opportunities to use the map for other battles, the Battle of France, Battle of Britain, the Channel melees of 41/42/43 can all be incorporated into the map. I can see some great additions to PWCG in the near future πŸ˜€ perhaps with a Luftwaffe campaign from the Battle of France, Battle of Britain, Channel melees of 41 and then into Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban and then back to Normandy and finally (for now) Bodenplatte. I like the sound of that one 😎
  3. One of the books I've read where this confrontation is mentioned is 'Aces of the Reich' by Mike Spick. It says that the I16's were so maneuverable that when you got behind one, if they spotted you they'd flip round so quickly they came straight for you in a kind of 'Gunfight at the OK Corral' situation and given the much heavier weight of fire the later I16 versions had over the 109F's.....that was not a good place to be for the 109. Even if it's too cloudy for 'boom and zoom' you always have the option to climb away from them in a 109, although that won't be much use when trying to complete the mission. Make sure there are none on your tail then build your speed up and use wide broad turns so you don't bleed speed. Don't get involved in twisty turny stuff with them.
  4. Yes I agree that the discussion about the next theatre was being turned into an argument about anything else. As a huge history buff when it comes to aviation in WW2, I have no 'favourite' theatre, certainly not to the detriment of anything else, just a real, deep interest in all things aviation in WW2 (and WW1). If the next theatre is the Pacific then great, obviously the devs would have decided that broadening the franchise at that point is more important than increasing the depth that is already there. Prior to the previous thread being locked I noticed the idea of the Polish theatre, which personally I think is brilliant. That's the point I made about the Eastern Front maps (well a lot of them anyway), they can be used for multiple campaigns. So not only would you have the Polish campaign of 1939, you have the start of Barbarossa in 41 and then the fighting there in 44/45. In one addition you've increased the depth of the Sim no end....and as a single player campaigns kinda guy....I'm all for that πŸ˜€.
  5. The point I made was that 4 against 20 and having planes following you was not unusual on the Eastern Front. It's not ridiculous. Whether it's a bug in the game that they follow you forever is for someone else to decide. I haven't had that experience because I've shaken them off. My other point was the only way out of it is to fly your way out of it. It's not rocket science.
  6. It's hard, certainly, but it's not ridiculous. The fighting on the Eastern Front was intense and bitter. There was virtually no time for 'chivalry'. Read any decent accounts from those who fought on the Eastern Front and they'll give countless tales of how bloodthirsty and cutthroat the fighting was and that includes the air. I was reading only the other day about how an IL2 pilot who's squadron was attacking an airfield had his plane shot up and realised he wasn't going to make it home. So the choice was to crash land and surrender or fight on until your ammo or aircraft are completely done. He chose the latter, and eventually landed on the enemy airfield itself, opened the cockpit, took his pistol out and shot several of the enemy soldiers coming towards him. My point being that don't go into a flight expecting any give or take, if you choose to fight you're going to have two choices, win or flee. What this means is that you need to learn WHEN to get involved in a fight and when not too. Unless you're particularly in the 'claws out hair on fire' class of pilots (and the history books show that these guys didn't last long) who goes right in and mixes it with any plane he sees no matter what, you'll need to choose when you fight very carefully. In your particular mission, a ground attack mission with few friendly aircraft and then a load of enemy aircraft turn up, it doesn't sound like you have many (or any) advantages over your attackers which you can turn into opportunities to win. So in that case you flee and live to fight another day. The tactics for which are, orientate yourself on which way home is, put your nose down and dive as fast as you can to the ground and 'tree hop'. If enemy fighters are on your six, are they gaining? Or are you pulling away? If you're pulling away keep going, if they're gaining you need to fly like the devil himself, twisting and turning, but without losing airspeed. I generally find that even AI pursuers will give up once you get a certain distance away from them. If you treat your career as 'dead is dead' and that you do only have one life in it, it'll change how you approach situations that pop up during flights. But don't expect 'chivalry' from the enemy, and especially AI. It's not ridiculous, it's how it was.
  7. It was a long shot Pat I know that πŸ˜€ and difficult to assimilate in the game. The Jabo and Stuka pilots did rack up 1000s of missions though.....the one's who survived long enough. I've been reading Rudel's book and another very good one called Stormbird by Hermann Buchner. It makes you wonder if they actually claimed for half the things they hit.
  8. Hi, You can set the mission frequency yourself by clicking 'Advanced Config' from the bottom of your main campaign screen and then clicking 'Mission Spacing'. From there you'll see the months of the year and a maximum and minimum number of days between missions. Change these as you see fit. I have mine all set at 1 day...the more missions the better 😎......in fact I wish there was a way to have multiple missions on the same day. This would be historically accurate, especially with ground attack missions, they flew 4, 5, 6 sometimes 7 missions a day. Here's hoping πŸ™
  9. It's each to their own of course. But my interest is in single player campaigns, rather than multiplayer. With IL2 46 it was possible to fly from 1940 through to May 45 in West AND East Europe (albeit with the outstanding Enjoyr add-ons)....and from 1941 to August 45 in the Pacific. For me, a full, dynamic and complete campaign spanning the war from beginning to end is more important than a battle here and a battle there. That the devs have made it possible to link the maps so far to make one ongoing campaign would seem to suggest that will be the case in the future as well, so whilst a Pacific theater would be great, it would be, by definition, totally stand alone. I'd sooner they finish what they've started first.....and as mentioned, add in some larger Soviet bombers.
  10. I'd like to see the Eastern Front completed before moving elsewhere. Firstly I'd like to see the Smolensk map incorporated. This has the bonus of being able to be used in two campaigns, in 1941 and 1944. New planes could include the Ju87B, HS123 and I-153 for 1941 and Yak 3, La7 series and late IL2 series for 1944. I think this also 'joins more dots' than moving onto the Pacific or Africa just yet. It means you can fly from July 41 through to 45 (using Bodenplatte). Eventually I'd like to see Lvov/Poland/Berlin and most definitely the Leningrad/Baltic area incorporated as this can then include the Finnish as well. What the game is crying out for more than anything though is some Soviet bombers, whether flyable or not. SB2's, DB3's etc to fill the skies up a bit.
  11. Ha thanks, I've done a little investigation myself. When I look at the 'Equipment Depo' screen, it only shows MiGs, LaGGs and P40s available to the Soviets....no I16s at all (a lot of I16s were destroyed in my first 7 missions). When I look at the fighter regiments it's showing as available in the 'Intelligence Report' screen, they are the ones flying the MiGs, LaGGs and P40s. So does that mean the missing regiments don't have aircraft available to be operational? So in theory you could clear the air of enemy fighters? Which begs another question then....how quickly does reinforcement happen? Cheers
  12. Hi Pat, I'm not sure if this is an error or there's a reason for it but I'm 7 missions into a campaign on the Moscow map. Now if I look at the 'Intel Map' I can see 6 Soviet fighter regiments. 27th, 34th, 11th, 126th, 495th and 62nd but when I look at the 'intelligence report' screen only 3 of them are listed. 11th, 27th and 126th. Is there a reason for this or is it an error? Cheers PS thanks for all your efforts over the years with PWCG, I used it loads with ROF and it was the first thing I downloaded when I bought BOS too.
  13. These two LaGG's realised too late that trying to climb after a 109 is not the best idea.
  14. Hi, I've been looking at getting the 'Great Battles ' series and also using PWCG as well as I used it a lot with Rise of Flight.Can you confirm if PWCG only spans the period the games do (so Moscow through to Kuban) or is it possible to carry on creating and flying missions after the Kuban campaign officially ends (as far as the game is concerned anyway)?So although the Battle of Kuban game ends in late 1943, does PWCG stop generating then as well or will it carry on until 45?Cheers
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