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  1. This would be good. Although the theatre may not be correct, you can find maps and seasons which create a similar feel. A summer coastal map could represent North Africa for example, or some bodenplatte maps could be 'used' as Italy. Maybe not accurate but I concentrate on the planes I'm flying against, more than what's on the ground. Accurate radio in this scenario would I believe make for a much more immersive feel. I realise this is not using the sim as intended, but the option in game menus without fiddling with file editing would be another plus point in this ever expanding s
  2. Thanks for the replies. We now have MkII Hurricanes that we will soon be able to fly from England to France. I know the 'battle' will be Normandy, but the ability to fairly closely re-create early war Rhubarb or Circus missions for example would be greatly enhanced, if you could fly the Hurricane with British radio voices. I don't think I would be too confident messing around editing files to change the radio voices.....
  3. Yes I realise that, but russian pilots never flew in British marked planes with desert camo as in this example. Just saying the option would be nice......If you can change a skin to be a British or american flown plane then why not the pilot language option?
  4. Evening all. Is there a way to change the language of the pilots? I've been flying the P-40 in QMB last few days with desert camo, against desert 109s and Macchis. It seems wrong to only be able to hear Russian radio chatter in a British or American marked plane. It would be great if the dev's could add a pilot language menu to the plane settings. This sim dedicates so much time to realism, yet you can't fly some British/American planes with the correct language radio chatter.
  5. Was working fine this morning. I then altered some DSR settings and thought I'd caused it! Good to know its not that, hopefully steam sort it asap!!
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