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  1. Heh, old guy pontificating warning. If the Spit was not maneuverable I’d cry foul; if the IL2 or Hurricane were not excellent gun platforms I’d cry foul, if the Sherman was not a “Ronson” for the Tiger’s 88 I’d cry foul. The ‘Jug’ could withstand quite a bit of metal twisting, cable snapping punishment and still get a pilot home. In this case its a given, no need to reinvent the wheel, not a common fallacy, nor a popular misconception to be revealed by historical data- it was made that way by design. The Spit was easier to fly at the edge of its envelope. The 109 much harder. Both had very similar manoeuvrability- but the pilots ‘Lore’ based on flight experiences captured the nuance of actual dogfights and pilot experience- the average encounter with average pilot participants saw the Spitfire being more maneuverable with the 109 displaying a swifter dive- early War era...carbs... yadda. Dispute this too in the Internet forms but no actual participants would support you- for the typical pilots engaging typical opponents. The “Jug” took more punishment and could be kept in the air then bounced down the runway by an average pilot. Not Eddie Rickenbacker flying half inverted with a kite with no upper wing fabric- that takes pilot genius. Your average ground attacking ‘Joe’ found the ‘Jug’ a safe bet to bring him back. So, we know better?! Really?
  2. I hope the simpler wood and canvas crates can make the sim/near sim level experience more accessible. No superchargers to manage, no trim - wait, trim makes things easier. Yeah, these old birds can be a handful too. I’m very excited about this revamped WWI venue.
  3. The VR advantage is being stuck inside the cockpit, not really a perk, rather the main goal of the flight sim development process. but if this is combined with mouse and keyboard then perhaps there’s a discussion...
  4. please don’t limit VR POV - it is an amazing feature for Video and movie making- it lets you easily place a camera in places that would be impossible while still controlling the virtual aircraft. Vr implementation is what I needed to hear, buying it right now, ah, where’ My original rise of flight box and map and manual... had to remember my my original email , recover password , login into RoF site and Voila, got a discount code. i did see almost every add on plane purchased... Got a Vive but What about this Samsung headset...noticeable improvement?
  5. Works fine, sets up fine, other sims should have the option of home developer store and full Steam integration. THanks, now the long wait for the amazing return of WWI airwar where you can almost throw rocks and use a pistol. Huge excitement, I’ll cool down with my Spitfire for now.
  6. HTC Vive user so I can't wait. If you do some spin recovery practice in a garden variety Cessna you will see how crazy easy kicking around the sky with track IR is vs. After some VR dogfighting "anything but" seems Much Fun but less work and a bit arcade. Just not the heart in the chest pounding adrenaline rush of careening through the VR skies. One issue: the VR immersion and concomitant increased difficulty and realism magnifies problems due to lag and poor hit detection. So I'm glad the campaign is being well developed but that can be a bit lonely. This might be less of an issue for those in larger population centers. Oh, got to prepurchase the Kuban release if that's still available...
  7. I'd surely like a few more classic planes and 109, 110,111 and 190 tweaks are nice but, I need Htc Vive support to give up $70 USA. Most of my coin has gone into hardware upgrades. Newly retired guys must now be cost conscious. But I've 3 friends that have become new Il2 flyers so I'm still spreading the word.
  8. Vive SuPPorT! Dang, I've ten days of vacation in Ottawa and Montreal Jazz Festival before I can try it... hahahaha to much good fortune huge thanks you hard working developers. you got a ton of good code rumbling down the runway, no easy feat. This is the quickest progressing, most sophisticated IL2 to date. Re: resolution issues, Vive's image quality is good in DCS, remember you are in the cockpit- inside, no TV or monitor, no potted plants, no computer table, you're inverted, hanging from your harness, pulling G's, straining to pull the nose up before you become a smoking hole in the ground. You can't help but flinch on impact. More head movement rather than eye movement within the HMD helps. Moving the HMD closer to the eye helps FOV. Turning on Supersampling really improves image quality but you need a lot of graphics card power for it http://www.roadtovr.com/how-to-improve-your-htc-vive-image-quality-with-supersampling-pixel-density-tweak/
  9. Vr flying is too much to explain... and IL2 is the perfect mix of sim and visually exciting game to support it. Don't wait too long, please.
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