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  1. You just need to open editor--->tools---->resave all missions in folder and that's all
  2. Do it yourself, you only need to open Editor-->tools and resave all missions in folder
  3. hi, i have updated the campaign to new changes https://mega.nz/file/5M1ggaKR#gOMbEUmVWudTD68iDLuXgFkvtJWfJ46NGqRKsTDt8DY
  4. Hey guys, you have to use resave tool in the editor. (tools and save all missions in folder)
  5. When there is a give away... But you have all
  6. I think that $25 per collector ''tank'' (no offers in mind) is too expensive (I don't know what will be the final result). Full price of TC is $80: $8/tank It can be really bad for TC future.
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