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  1. As a real world pilot with aerobatics experience. (Used to own a Yak-52) I feel like the blackout mechanic is over done as in the pilot blacks out to easy. I've pulled 6Gs before without vision fading,it's all down to proper technique and being in shape.
  2. I bought BOBP but can't login to the sim. It says my email or password is wrong/key not activated. I tried to change my password still the same issue also my account shoes all keys are activated...
  3. I'm not complaining, more of pointing somthing out that has changed for the worse when it comes to realism. In the hope it will be changed. Anyway when I first started flying il2 bos (beta days) taxing and take off were pretty difficult especially in the FW190 but also the BF109. Which to me is how it should be lots of ground loops from inexperienced pilots cramming full power in to fast,or pushing the tail up to abruptly. Or not knowing how to handle a tail dagger after landing. Currently you can slam the throttle forward from a stop with no consequences. Landing is the same thing I can't say I've ground looped anything for quite somtime, yes I'm more experienced but the level of skill needed to handle these planes on the ground has been lowered. When we consider that more bf109s were lost in to/ldg accidents than in combat clearly we can see that somthing isn't right in the sim. I understand that for normal mode this would hurt the player base, but realistic ground handling should be implemented as a server option for Expert servers. What I say next is as a real world pilot who owns a Yak-52. Taxing a 109 or 190 shouldn't be like taxing a Cessna 172. These are high performance fighters with huge amounts of torque to manage. Even in my Yak-52 I don't pour the coals to it(full power) until already rolling down the runway so my rudder is effective enough from the airflow to deal with the torque. My engine (360hp) is a runt compared to these WW2 fighters (1200hp or more). Anyway the ground handling needs to be looked at,getting these planes in the air should be a challenge at the expert level currently it's like flying a Cessna.
  4. All this talk of balance reminds me of call of duty or battlefield where each side has the same guns. Balance is a great way to ruin a game as it removes all accuracy and skill. Early in the original beta Russian pilots who could out fly me were few and far between I respected them and knew most by name, now I can't outrun,out climb,out turn them so I burn in my 109. The 262 will be hard enough to fly because of speed and turn no reason to handicap it like the rest of the Luftwaffe has been since BOS released.
  5. Im using boom and zoom tactics,I know better than to turn fight a yak but low altitude fighting is all there is on a dog fight server. I've tried a slow climb after engaging, Ive tried a fast climb after engaging,both of which the Yak seems to catch me,Ive tried heading to the dirt and out running them like I used to in Beta and they catch up.
  6. It can outrun,it can out climb,out turn the 109 when this was not the case in the real world I understand balance but they have tipped the scale to the Russian side even the I-16 which was overshadowed by even the very early 109s in Spain is a foe to fear in in the later model 109s like the F and G models. I was making a diving attack on a Yak earlier and I shot past at 600 kph next thing I know bam he's right on my tail and there was nothing I could do but head for the dirt and scrape him off on a tree. I had the energy advantage so explain how on earth he caught up and how to fight them in this game.
  7. Would be cool if having the assets,required successful recon flights.
  8. Honestly I'd probably cover him from other Russian fighters.
  9. The Ju88 should have been able to out run the fighters with a shallow dive,I like playing with the Yaks in my JU88,I dive in on them like a fighter give my gunners a good shot at them then make a shallow climb away,repeat. If it gets in a tight fight I'll drop the flaps and throttle back one engine to turn tighter till allies can pick them off of me. As for coving Stukas I always try to fly with them even if they don't ask for my help many times I'll put my self in to hopeless fights to save the Stukas so they can make the target. My best is diving in on 7 Russian Fighters I held my own till I saw the bombs explode then I let the inevitable happen .
  10. It's kinda short sighted at the same time,it's because of mods that Il2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover are still played to this day
  11. Pacific blehh,never had an interest in that side of things,the American planes early on sucked and the Japanese planes were made of paper. I think the logical choice would have been North Africa as we already have many of the planes that fought there (P-40,He111,Ju88,Ju52,BF109 all variety Mc202 ect.) Most people wanted the Western front,I can see it now my 109 diving in pounding AI/player B-17 formations...
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