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  1. oy. that was me. erm... let me see if i have any of these still around, and i#ll post them again
  2. i think - and i might be wrong here... play with the camera. does the quality increase when you zoom in, but get all ugly when the camera is farther away? then it is the game that does this (resize the texture) and you might not have a lot / any control over the matter. the only thought to improve i have, would be to NOT include any MIP levels when saving the DDS file. But that is something i forgot how to do. (been out of the painting game for two years now)
  3. spit, P-40, P-39, LaGG, Rata, Emil Friedrich Gustav, Anton... all of these have historically had the droptank option. That includes American Aircraft. Please lay out - why you think they will come, - why you trhink they SHOULD come - and why you think they should be added to the previously released Planes.
  4. Basically - you download it all. from WWI to Tanks to WWII and if you buy a package, you get handed the keys to your favorite Rides, be that the Fokker, the Tiger or the 109.
  5. take muh munneh! am not an axis dude, but that thing with a full set of extra cannons, bombs wurfgranaten and all dat goodc shiet... here is 50 bucks, please take them. (AI only gunner is okay)
  6. *checks own heart rate* Nah. Nothing.
  7. Whoopass ships with tons of Arty of all sorts - Cleveland class, Brooklyn Class, clemson, Fletcher, Sims class all that. And then the Japanese side too. And then the Big boats. (Naval Battles i suppose are graphics PORN) Carriers. Same as above but for my Favorite Planes. Lexingtons are Beautiful, Essexes are brutal, Jeep carriers are a Challenge to operate from. SBD, Corsair in the USN stable, a Mitchell with a shipload of improvised Guns in the nose a la Pappy Gunn, maybe a B Mustang and a G Havoc. Islands and cargo convoys, skipbombing, torp runs, strafing Axis airfields... Pac
  8. so a Libereiter for the Yanks and a TB-3M for the Russkis? or are u talking about the Condor or the 264? the Do-19 mebey? Or that Arado jet thingie. Piaggio 109 - possibly with the anti tank gun? There are none? The DB606 is a single engine. fire lighter. [/trollpost]
  9. There is some proper Ignorance in this topic.... FFS... "they are failing the Bomber Pilots" they can only fail a goal that they have defined themselves. they never aimed to create a Sim that includes a 1000 Bomber Raid from London to Berlin... So they do not fail at all. "Go home, ur drunk"
  10. war thunder and the Nahtsie Jugs... not fun. Cancer.
  11. Facepalm. https://www.quora.com/What-was-the-average-flight-time-for-a-B17-Flying-Fortresses-mission-in-WWII An 8 hour sortie from England to Germany and return would be reasonable, depending on winds, weather, time to rendezvous and get into formation, and the route flown. Feel Free to go back to War thunder. Pisses me off. Do you have ANY idea of the past?
  12. Those are two particularly beautiful... Rocket Pods. Jayyysus!
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