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  1. If your engine is hit just lower your propeller pitch, this is tied directly to the engines RPM it will preserve and keep cool your engine until you get back to base. If your engine is on fire just dive fast..the wind will extinguish the fire.
  2. The P-40 is a good plane, and like other planes of it's time period it's a dogfighter...a little slower than the zero but it was good for what it was for..dogfighting The P-40F variant was even better with the Merlin engine
  3. This needs to be done in order to keep the flight simming genre alive. Period.
  4. ++ Only way it would work is if tank units and infantry units are confined to one small area of the map. Which means pilots would have maybe 5 minutes or so to fly to get to the action where the objectives are...but it just makes it that much more realistic. I've seen the cities in and ground detail in BOS..it looks like it could support infantry and tank objectives The goal would be to get Red Orchestra level groundplay and keep realistic air-combat 20 planes, 15 tanks, and 15 infantry units on one side, and 20 planes, 15 tanks, and 15 infantry units on the other side.
  5. Those 2 videos were released 3 years ago...I think technology is able to support it by now
  6. Technology is developing quickly. I could see it being possible within a years time. Better technology could allow severs with 50 vs 50 players. It's becoming more about playing with other humans and not Ai imho
  7. Exactly. That's why a full WW2-simulator is the answer. Tank simmers and FPSer's would come to this game.
  8. Yea it would. I think it would be popular. Tank sim lovers and Infantry-FPS lovers would play, just would have to put all the action in one area
  9. Strafing and bombing human-controlled tanks and infantry is fun Playing with AI is boring
  10. To be honest I was thinking they could even add "ranks" for each player. For example tank players, pilots, and infantry players would each have a rank ( cadet, sergeant, lieutenant, etc. ) based on their experience and/or Kill:Death ratio. This is the most realistic WW2 experience you can have.
  11. Devs should keep AAA and flak AI-controlled, then implement human-controlled infantry and tanks onto maps. Infantry and tank objectives would be in the same area as pilot objectives. It would be like combining Red Orchestra with a full flight sim. Pilot gameplay would be completely separate from ground force gameplay. Infantry would have plenty to do killing infantry and tanks and defending objectives and tanks would have plenty to do by killing infantry and other tanks and destroying objectives. This would bring a lot more people into the game too.
  12. Yea but Il2:BOS is only one theater of operation. That means in a historical mission you will probably have only 2 maybe 3 at the max different types of tanks. That means better balancing. The thing war thunder gets wrong is that they included too many planes and too many tanks which makes historical balance harder. Il2: BOS is already a complete WW2 flight sim. There's literally nothing wrong with it. That's why they should include playable ground forces before moving on to another Theater of operation. I mean these are just my ideas. I love ww-2 infantry games..mind as well put it all into one game.
  13. Will tanks be playable in this game in the near future? I say that because I saw a video of devs driving tanks in a video a while ago so it's definitely possible. Adding human-playable tanks is going to put this game in a league of it's own. Even better if they would add human-controlled infantry for a full WW2-simulation experience. I believe this is where War Thunder is headed The whole grinding for EXP to get more planes and broken FM's/Dm's in War Thunder turns me off from the whole game. Coming from Il2:1946, War Thunder could never measure up to Il2's level of realism. There's no game out there that gets all three things right...and I think this is what a lot of people want. Seeing as how Il2:BOS is only one Theater of Operation, this seems like a realistic dream to look forward to.
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