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  1. I think this is an absolutely excellent addition to the game! I used to play WW2OL Battleground Europe back in the day (which apparently is still alive and kicking!) and one of my favorite things to do was set up "Flak Traps." A well coordinated team could set up a wall of AA guns at an unsuspecting spot so that when friendly aircraft have a 6, they can feed the hidden AA guns. Also can set up on important Objectives, lots of opportunities. Here's a great video of what a coordinated group of AA defense can look like
  2. Hello, made a D.520 skin for Regia Aeronautica: 370a Squadriglia 24° Gruppo Autonomo Template
  3. Also Axis needs a closer 2nd airfield because main airfield was capped. Next closest airfield back is Tobruk
  4. interesting video and that's a good point about the difference in wing lengths. In this case I pulled a rather ugly hammerhead on the right (and shorter wing!) side, but I wonder if I pulled the same maneuver on the left side instead if it wouldn't flat spin like this. I'll have to test that out, thanks for the input!
  5. Love the mission, great work! I would like to point out theres no option for Regia Aeronautica at any airfield. Not that big of a deal because I can just turn markings off, but I spend a lot of time parachuting and would prefer to show off my fancy italian pilot's outfit rather than the German one
  6. I've done this twice now, usually when attempting a hammerhead maneuver in the MC.202. But I get thrown into a violent flat spin and have no idea how to pull out of it. The typical method of rudder in the reverse direction and pushing nose down doesn't seem to fix the stall. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  7. you can, under Camera settings map a keybind for Field of View + and Field of View - I use a hat switch on my throttle which works really well for this, but I know some people like to use a slider which I'm not entirely sure you can map. In any case, use the field of view options 👍
  8. What seems to be peak times for Tobruk? I've been jumping on around 8pm CST (0200 Zulu) and havent seen much activity in terms of online population. I'm sure earlier in the day and weekends it fills up more, just trying to gauge when might be a good time to jump on
  9. Many thanks everyone for the very valuable input. I too love the reggianes! There is actually another scenario I completely forgot about, but Regia Aeronautica obtained around 70 x D.520's. 161st Gruppo Cacciatore Autonomo was moved into Calabria in late 1942/early 43 and composed mostly of D.520's (to replenish lost Mc.202's, so operated as a mixed wing). While they never saw direct service in Africa, it's reasonable to assume they participated in convoy missions/operations over the Mediterranean sea, as they were based in southern tip of Italy mainland. A possible air-start scenario over the sea to the north for campaigns could be RA Dewotaines! I will try to find more info on this
  10. Hey everyone, Really looking forward to this! I have been out of the loop and haven't seen much discussion of whats to come next so apologies if this has already been covered. I see from Buzzsaw's post that future aircraft releases are dependent upon Tobruk's success, so I just thought I'd throw this in there for consideration if that happens. If TFS decide to release future aircraft, can I suggest to place the MC.200 at the top of that list? Hear me out here as this particular aircraft has an importance for how the air war progressed: MC.200 was first moved into Africa in April, 1941 and immediately was recognized as an extremely capable aircraft suited for the type of war in the desert. The short runway takeoffs and robust airframes were of particular advantage where many other italian airframes struggled. The MC.200 could turn with a hurricane and dive with a P-40. Squadriglie had excellent records against mig's and yaks on the eastern front... it certainly deserves far more credit than it often gets. While it did suffer the same poor armament issues, all her contempories also faced, the Macchi's nevertheless quickly replaced the CR.42's, CR.32's, and G.50's as the close escorts for Axis bombers, while MC.202's and 109's provided high altitude cover. This wasn't always the case, but it was a tactic that Superaero often employed against the allies. CR.42's and G.50's were all gradually transitioned into fighter-bomber roles. Sooo wrapping up here, I also get that Italian birds might not be the most desired in terms of marketability. I just think from a strategic sense, I'm viewing this from the Italian perspective. It's almost like if CloD didnt have hurricanes in the game for BoB scenarios. G.50's and CR.42's are certainly sufficient for now, and dont get me wrong, I don't think anything is really missing from the game in its current state, but, adding the Mc.200 can really elevate the gameplay in multiplayer campaigns, in my opinion. And it also has the bonus of historical balance against fighters like the hurricane and P-40. Again, really looking forward to this, just thought I'd throw out some things to consider in the event that TFS plans additional aircraft in the pipeline. (But of course fully understand if that's not even a consideration right now too!). And I naturally couldn't pass up a chance to throw some love at the Mc.200's! o7
  11. I am an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA, I would be willing to assist you with making a few recordings. I am 28, Mid-west American accent. Can provide live-atc clips upon request in a DM.
  12. im very excited for the pacific. I know the horse has beaten so many times, so I'll rephrase it differently than "i'd rather this, that, and the other." The South Pacific Theater is very underappreciated imo. Port Moresby campaign and the Darwin Defenders, Guadalcanal, Rabaul and the Bikini Atoll. I understand the complications and unrealistic option that would be trying to recreate a Solomon Islands campaign. It's simply too large. One day maybe! But in the meantime I will play IL2 Midway religiously! I don't know if anyone remembers Targetware, but I used to play the shit out of Target Rabaul. Target Tobruk was really good too, actually. It's such a shame they went under. TT was a very enjoyable Med theater sim while it lasted
  13. I may be mistaken on this, but I was always under the impression that corporate fascism did just that. Now wartime economy certainly led to one company getting the contract over the other (you see this especially with Italy's Macchi fighters over Reggiane's more expensive fighter line). In theory Fascist Corporatism was in fact a state-controlled centralized production, but a shortage of inline Daimler-Benz engines forced the germans to emergency produce FW190's which used the BMW radial
  14. I'd also like to point you to Jason's response when I brought a similar issue up when they announced BoM: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13556-thank-you-macchi-202-news/?do=findComment&comment=233777 Premium planes dont even have to have been present during the campaign (Even though F4F irrefutably was involved on New Guinea). Personally, I think more revenue would be generated from an F4F or F4U than a boomerang as a premium
  15. im confused on why the F4F shouldnt be included. VMF-212 operated out of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal using F4F's and claimed 64.5 kills including Japanese Ace Toshio Ohta, They were on and off active in the Solomons and Bismarck Sea until Rabaul fell. Personally I would rather see the F4U, but if you're envisioning more early campaign, then I dont see why the F4F wouldnt work
  16. I dont think ill buy a 3rd Russian front expansion
  17. Honestly didn't expect this to work. Online DED-EU-Expert multiplayer server, raided a LW airfield in a T-34. Took forever to get there, but had a lot of lols. I wish I got the whole thing on video because actually storming the airfield was stressful as hell, a 109 taking off was out of range of our fire and was able to take off, trying to bomb us in the process. I know, I know, its a dick thing to do but I had to try it.the tank base was close spawn :D Oh, and there's some NSFW language
  18. I just don't understand the reasoning for bringing out the Mc.202 with this campaign pack. The Italians were outside Stalingrad, on the Don front. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited that my favorite airplane of WW2 is being included, but they were never at Moscow, they operated in the Ukraine and Southern fronts. It should have been included with the BoS pack, because I don't see how the dev's can put it into a campaign in the upcoming release of Moscow, which is a bit of a disappointment for me.
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