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  1. I am an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA, I would be willing to assist you with making a few recordings. I am 28, Mid-west American accent. Can provide live-atc clips upon request in a DM.
  2. im very excited for the pacific. I know the horse has beaten so many times, so I'll rephrase it differently than "i'd rather this, that, and the other." The South Pacific Theater is very underappreciated imo. Port Moresby campaign and the Darwin Defenders, Guadalcanal, Rabaul and the Bikini Atoll. I understand the complications and unrealistic option that would be trying to recreate a Solomon Islands campaign. It's simply too large. One day maybe! But in the meantime I will play IL2 Midway religiously! I don't know if anyone remembers Targetware, but I used to play the shit out of Target Rabaul. Target Tobruk was really good too, actually. It's such a shame they went under. TT was a very enjoyable Med theater sim while it lasted
  3. I may be mistaken on this, but I was always under the impression that corporate fascism did just that. Now wartime economy certainly led to one company getting the contract over the other (you see this especially with Italy's Macchi fighters over Reggiane's more expensive fighter line). In theory Fascist Corporatism was in fact a state-controlled centralized production, but a shortage of inline Daimler-Benz engines forced the germans to emergency produce FW190's which used the BMW radial
  4. I'd also like to point you to Jason's response when I brought a similar issue up when they announced BoM: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13556-thank-you-macchi-202-news/?do=findComment&comment=233777 Premium planes dont even have to have been present during the campaign (Even though F4F irrefutably was involved on New Guinea). Personally, I think more revenue would be generated from an F4F or F4U than a boomerang as a premium
  5. im confused on why the F4F shouldnt be included. VMF-212 operated out of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal using F4F's and claimed 64.5 kills including Japanese Ace Toshio Ohta, They were on and off active in the Solomons and Bismarck Sea until Rabaul fell. Personally I would rather see the F4U, but if you're envisioning more early campaign, then I dont see why the F4F wouldnt work
  6. I dont think ill buy a 3rd Russian front expansion
  7. Honestly didn't expect this to work. Online DED-EU-Expert multiplayer server, raided a LW airfield in a T-34. Took forever to get there, but had a lot of lols. I wish I got the whole thing on video because actually storming the airfield was stressful as hell, a 109 taking off was out of range of our fire and was able to take off, trying to bomb us in the process. I know, I know, its a dick thing to do but I had to try it.the tank base was close spawn :D Oh, and there's some NSFW language
  8. I just don't understand the reasoning for bringing out the Mc.202 with this campaign pack. The Italians were outside Stalingrad, on the Don front. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited that my favorite airplane of WW2 is being included, but they were never at Moscow, they operated in the Ukraine and Southern fronts. It should have been included with the BoS pack, because I don't see how the dev's can put it into a campaign in the upcoming release of Moscow, which is a bit of a disappointment for me.
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