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  1. Updated Skins! Template Link: 96a Squadriglia, 9° Gruppo, 4° Stormo (Red 8) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Template Link: 96a Squadriglia, 9° Gruppo, 4° Stormo (Red 6)
  2. Thanks for the feedback hellrider! I'm trying to do some more research on which is more appropriate. It looks like 370 and 371 Sq. were all over the place with the fuselage painting. As far as I can tell this specific aircraft 370-2 is indeed arranged how you mentioned. I'll likely make a combination of all 3, although Bigans made a really great point in another thread that often times paintings/artist renders for RA planes can be wildly inaccurate so it is a bit difficult to know which is correct to go by
  3. very interesting, thank you very much for the information Bigans!
  4. This certainly seems plausible, but I would very much like to see a credible source that confirms this. Forgive me if I find it hard to believe that the aircraft were not utilized until they received desert painting, given the RA's losses in 1941, but I am also not terribly familiar with the procedures of the S.R.A.M. No offense taken! I appreciate the discussion 👍
  5. Updated - more accurate to 96/97 Squadriglia 4o Stormo 9 Gruppo. I also made the brown 'splotches' a more reddish-brown Template
  6. You are incorrect. While the camo was intended for continental use, following the British Operation Compass Italian aircraft were rushed into the African theater and it did not matter their camo scheme as they did not have time to change it. As is seen below: As for the specific "Poach Eggs Camo," officially known as Mimetico C8 for the MC.202 it was used by several aircraft I know of in the African theater: 1.) 1o Stormo C.T, 17o Gruppo, 71a Squadriglia - November/December 1941, Martubah, Libya and 2.) 4o Stormo, 9 Gruppo, 96/97 Squadriglia "On 25th November 1941, 96 and 97 Squadriglia transferred to Libya to check out their non-tropical fighters in desert conditions." - Dunning, Courage Alone: The Italian Airforce 1940-1943. Hikoki Productions (2009), pg. 47
  7. Hello, I must give credit to whomever made the stock Desert Wings - Tobruk skin as I used the base layer, removed the emblems, and modified it into the Italian "Poached Eggs" camouflage. To my knowledge there is not yet a blank template for the MC.202 released yet (and if so, can someone point me to a place I might find it?). I eventually plan to turn this into the 4 Stormo, 96 Squadriglia Rosso 8 however figured I'd give a blank variant in case anyone would like to use it to make their own skin. V2 below: Let me know your thoughts, comments, suggestions! Template
  8. Sorry that took so long, fixed her up a bit! V2.0 below Template
  9. Really looking forward to this! I signed up for an open squad, but I'd be willing to move to another one to fill in wherever's needed
  10. Thanks for the input everyone, I'll work on a re-skin with a more appropriate olive green. Do you like the sandy effect, or would you prefer I make it just the base color?
  11. Hi Pattle, I just want to be sure I get the times right. Can you confirm if it's 1930 or 2030GMT on 10/4?
  12. ... Or at least there was an attempt to defend the airfield...
  13. I think this is an absolutely excellent addition to the game! I used to play WW2OL Battleground Europe back in the day (which apparently is still alive and kicking!) and one of my favorite things to do was set up "Flak Traps." A well coordinated team could set up a wall of AA guns at an unsuspecting spot so that when friendly aircraft have a 6, they can feed the hidden AA guns. Also can set up on important Objectives, lots of opportunities. Here's a great video of what a coordinated group of AA defense can look like
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