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  1. Hi Falcon, The Desert Mod is only supposed to be there when activated, it replaces the Kuban Autumn/fall map details. Which means if you want to play a Russian mission on the Kuban coastline unless you turn off the mod, your mission will have desert scenery rather than the correct Kuban scenery. To this end I recommend the Mod be removed when you are not wishing to fly desert scenarios, as it will impact scenery in small ways in NW Europe and Russian maps whilst installed. Your missions you have created using the Kuban Autumn/fall map, they will work perfectly with no change to objectives and outcomes with the Desert Mod enabled, because the landscape/map is still the games base Kuban Autumn/Fall map files with revised visual content. Vehicles are still a work in progress, eventually hope to have correct desert schemes for both axis and allied forces. the 'orange cast" you mentioned, I'm not sure what you mean, I believe you are talking about the uniforms having a colour-blooming effect? if you have a screen shot of what you are seeing it would help to correct an issue. the uniforms are supposed to be a light/mid green tunic with tan/yellow pants with green canvas and leather boots. thanks for your feedback/comments, look forward to trying your missions when done, if you upload them. regards Rob. She's goes a bit past just repainted textures now But you are right, its not like CFS3 were I can build new 3D models, or even create new maps and add to the game etc. we are still very limited in what can actually be done in IL2 BoS. however I'm sure in time there will be other aspects of the game/sim that will become more freely available for change. regards Rob.
  2. Hi Blitzen, No not yet. I hope to do one more update this weekend before I head out to the mine site for work. once there I wont be in a position to upload large files, so trying to get as much done before I go. everything above and hopefully a bit more will be in the update. regards Rob.
  3. Hi All, Following on from feedback about ground colour being a bit to dark/orange, I have started to work on lightening up the surface textures. you can see in the screen shots the original orange type tones along the edge of the roads, and the new more yellow/whitish tones in the main scenery areas. still has quite a bit of tweaking to do to get tiles to blend but its a start. I will also have to redo the green dots that represent the sparse desert bushes to sharpen them up and give a bit more definition. Also now have the last of the road/track/paths textures toned down to a matching sandy type colour, and a bit more work on blending in the main large airfield. The large airfield has also had the large arched concrete and steel hanger removed and replaced with twin wooden hangers to reduce the European look of the airfield. this worked better than expected with all damage modeling and texture rendering working as it should. I was concerned the .col file data would conflict, but after taking across the volume/size data the building behaved as it should. can even fly through and between them with collision data working correctly. now that I've done it once hopefully the villages can be tweaked a bit as well. regards Rob.
  4. Type of improvement: Aircraft UI screen information/interaction more in line with a Simulator rather than an Arcade game. Explanation of proposals: Updated names of "official" skins in the selection list. revised extended historical comment for each skin. The current naming of official skins gives no insight into who/what or where the skin is depicting until you click on the skin name, and then you only get a very brief overview. Benefits: Makes it easier for players to determine the unit and time frame of a given skin when setting up a mission. Allows for a brief education/history about the aircraft/unit/pilot associated with the skin. Broadens peoples appreciation for the real world content being depicted in game. Examples: easily achieved through a quick edit of the skins.tab.eng file for each skin.
  5. Hi Esk, Yeas I could do that, although the people choosing the light option would not see any of the revised aircraft menu content. They would be choosing skins from their custom tab and loose the ability to see the preview picture and the included historical content in the description box. it also means spawned aircraft in missions in their installs may not have tropical skins applied. I'm only adding in enough skins to give each of the main types a few tropical versions to pick from and give a brief historical review for each skin. I have worked out how to remove skin selections from the Official aircraft tab. This means if I only have 5 tropical skins say for the 109E7 then they are the only options that will be available in the "official" skin tab for people to select. of course their other content is still their in the "custom" skin tab to use if they wish. In the screen shot you can see there is only 5 "Official" skin options for the Bf109E-7. the other default skins that you would normally see in this window are now available in the Custom skin tab rather than here in the official skin tab. But I can definitely do two versions for people to choose what they would like to use. regards Rob. When your mechanic needs to work on the breaks and wheel bearings all the time because of infiltrating dust, but is to lazy to put the spats back on your Stuka before you fly. There is no real magic here, the spats are simply invisible due to a change in the alpha channel. theres no impact on FM etc. its purely visual.
  6. Hi 457, yes agree, you can see at the top of the aircraft list (in the screenshot) some names of units without pilot names associated. these are generic type skins. obviously I cant get all units and time frames in there, but I hope to have a reasonable selection. regards Rob.
  7. Hi All, I have been lucky enough to have several people allow me to use their existing work and offers of support with updated work to suit the MOD requirements. this will speed up work greatly, especially in the aircraft skinning area. I wont list the guys here now, as I believe more people will most likely come on board and I don't wish to give credit to some and not others over time. but I will include with each release a readme file that outlines who has contributed, and a list on the forum post advising updated material released. working on adding in some Tropical 109E profiles to replace stock/default content, and adding in some historical context to the description. There are some great skinner here. regards Rob.
  8. G'day Molders, I do not own the Tank Crew component of the game yet. But as this mod is basically a redone version of the Kuban autumn scenery and revised content for skins of various models and new menu screen options I would think that the Tank Crew content would work with no issues. You just need to play on the Kuban Autumn map to see the mod. Or is there another aspect I do not understand of the tank crew expansion you are asking about? I'm happy to try and incorporate as much stuff as possible to give the widest range of use for people to enjoy. regards Rob. I really don't like the merging the site does when you try to make a second post. A new skin for Squadron Leader Clive Caldwell, C.O. 112 squadron late 42, and revised menu content to suit. The new Caldwell skin up a bit closer. Note the pilot model is British (rather than Russian, as usually seen when flying the P40) and the Russian bomb is replaced with US type. regards Rob.
  9. Thanks Rap, And thank you very much for allowing me to use some of your skins going forward. there top shelf stuff, and it has reduced the workload for tropical schemes tremendously, which means I can concentrate on other aspects of the mod. thanks again. regards Rob.
  10. Found the text file that controls the description for each skin in game. So can now change the names and put in short historical descriptions for revised skin selections.
  11. G'Day AH, You have to edit the logo files found in the "data\swf\il2\preloader\logo" folder. they are .png files. there are 12 files (I use the .eng versions English, if your game is say German than alter the ones with the German extension in the name) that are used by the info.txt text file to co-ordinate which file goes with which logo type. I just opened the file in paintshop rpo 2020 and edited the text in the lower coloured box. I installed using jsgme. If you didn't want to edit all of the logo image files, you could edit the info.txt file to only call on one black and one white set and then assign them to your new background screens as needed in the info.txt file. ie black text to pictures with a light background colour and white text version to images with a dark background colour. this is an example of the info.txt file that I have modified to just show two different images all using the same text set. . I hope this has helped, regards Rob
  12. G'Day Det, I was hoping you would come into the conversation, mate I would love any help you could offer. I have got an early period Afrika Korps uniform on the go which requires a bit of TLC. But what I was really hoping to ask is, would it be possible to look at repaints for vehicles (Axis & Allied)? I'm currently directing people to install your tri-color repaints to get more of an desert feel, but would really like to include new textures with the MOD so people don't have to chase up numerous items to get the game looking correct. thanks for any help you may be able to offer. regards Rob. PS happy to send my template as it stands if you need it. (painshop pro 20 .psp file format)
  13. Thanks Beebop, with your permission I'll include your Ju52 skin as the default skin option for the Ju52 in game. regards Rob.
  14. Hi All, default aircraft skins in menu and game for plane types used are now set to Nth African/Med themed skins (screen shot shown is not all aircraft changed just a selection). The main roads and tracks are now more sandy in colour and the apron areas on airfields are no longer british green/yellows, still working on airfield boundary roads (still a bit bright). Where there is not a skin included with stock content that matches the theatre of operations I'll make up an historical skin and place that into the menu screens and game as default. this means (hopefully) when you play either a QM or a mission that does not have a skins selected by the mission author you will see a desert schemed skin on the spawning aircraft. a WIP shot of a 1942 dated RAAF 3 sqdn P40. bomb loads for P40 changed from Russian bombs to American and British bombs. and a shot showing some of the hunting down of various textures used in each location, to enable changes. Esk, I will be lightening up the base textures in the coming days. regards Rob.
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