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  1. G'day Jollyjack, If files have been left behind, then they would be located here: \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad \\data\swf\il2\preloader\logo if you open the logo folder you'll see the texture files. there may be more than just the Desert Air War textures in there though if you have say Detcords War in the West mod installed. so have a look and just delete the ones relevant to the DAW mod. regards Rob.
  2. Adding in some SAAF squadrons. Spitfires, Hurricanes, P40's and A20's
  3. Hi Obelix, yes it is possible. For the main vehicle you need to change 4 textures in this folder. data\graphics\vehicles\willys\textures Files to edit are: Summer !willysmb.dds willysmb.dds Winter !willysmb_wi.dds willysmb_wi.dds And for completeness there is a damage texture: willysmb_dm.dds but you can get away without altering this to much. regards Rob.
  4. Hi All, Bill and I worked through the issue offline and we have resolved this problem, it turned out to be out dated residual files in the main game characters directory that had not been removed by jsgme. causing a conflict with the new revised content. After deleting these old files, Bill's game is now performing as it should. regards Rob.
  5. Hi Sire, As Beebop above says, yes you need enable mods checked. That would explain why you were able to see the A20 mission in the list but when you flew it you were still seeing the normal Kuban map. Missions are one of the few items that don't need mods enabled ticked to be able to access them. I will add this to the readme instructions that "Enable Mods" must be selected when using the mod. regards Rob.
  6. Hi Bill, I double checked the A20 mission and it is the British pilot model that is being called for, and I checked in game by viewing the pilot and I can tell its the British pilot model in use as the swapped pilot models I edited all have sergeant stripes on the sleeves and the British model proper has officer uniform applied. So we need to work out what files are in your game that are possibly being altered or replaced by the Desert mod that is causing your issue. You could navigate to the character folder as detailed above and change the name of the character folder. this would disa
  7. G'day Bill, Hmm, could you please tell me what scenario you are in when your seeing this. i.e. are you flying: * Quick Combat - (in QC the sim uses the Russian pilot model, which I have swapped out with British pilot) * A mission where the country has been set to British (no change to pilot other than textures) * A mission where the country has been set to USA (Sim uses US pilot model, which I have swapped out with British pilot) but possibly have stuffed up * A mission where the country has not been specified - defaults to Russia. (sim uses the Russian pilot model, whi
  8. Hi Sire, As Stonehous above says, I would say you have selected the Kuban Summer map rather than the Kuban Autumn map. Edit, just noticed you mentioned it happens when your flying the DAW A20 mission, so there must be more to your problem than wrong map selected. it seems some of the files have been placed correctly and others have not or they are not the highest file in the hierarchy of the file/folder structure. ie another mod coming in over the top or files not in correct folder structure after being installed via OVgme. regards Rob.
  9. For IL2 - 1946 you can not go past the World at War series, by the SAS group, it gives you 7 or 8 game historical era's in one easy to manage update system. have a look at these threads to come up to speed. DGen for B.A.T. v1.4 - World At War module (new v1.4 + patch) (sas1946.com) B.A.T. v4.0 "RED CORE" - The WAW pack (sas1946.com) regards Rob.
  10. Hi All, Beta V4 files have been uploaded. please see page 1 for revised link and information. as usual uninstall V3 and 3.1 hot fix files before installing new set. readme file with instructions included in download. regards Rob.
  11. Last screen shot before uploading V4. I have put two missions in game that I built using Syn_Vanders excellent mission builder and then edited in the official mission builder to call on various theatre correct skins and labelled aircraft for each skin used. this was a test of the mission builder to see if I could get it to work with the mod, I'm not a mission builders elbow, so don't expect much but if proper mission builders where to pick this up then there could be some nice Nth Africa type flight to be enjoyed. I plan to make a series of missions for Allied and Axis to try and show case
  12. G'day Bill, I have not seen that at all. the Hurricane is showing its air cleaner option in game. The various aircraft modifications are housed in the Worldobjects/planes folder but I have not edited any of the Hurricane files. The Hurricane was released with all its modifications at the same time, I'm not sure what has changed in your game. Have you tried the desert Mod with absolutely no other mods installed? Sorry not much help on this one. regards Rob.
  13. Hi Beebop, yes it would if you removed the whole folder. so what you can do is open up the folder and remove the files with 'zis' as part of their name. see picture. this should now give you back the Russian trucks and leave all the others as I set them up. regards Rob. on another note, some of the new arrived allied artillery has been given a coat sand colored paint. And the discerning young Fw190-A3 pilots have been to the tailor for some theatre appropriate flying jackets.
  14. Hi Beebop, it may be looking at the static model version of the Zis trucks. try taking out the "blocks" folder \MODS\Kuban_Autum-1943_Desert_Beta_4\data\graphics\blocks and see if that removes it. there is no other locations in the mod that house vehicle files so you should be good to go. regards Rob.
  15. G'day Beebop, You can get the original Zis vehicles back in game by removing the zis folder from \MODS\Kuban_Autum-1943_Desert_Beta_3\data\graphics\vehicles\ obviously uninstall mod first, then reinstall. For an old open truck there is the "leyland3tonraf" in game which would be a better choice for WWI (IMHO) regards Rob.
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