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  1. Thanks for the quick replies guys. I REALLY appreciate it. I wasn't aware there was a older version of the game out there. I wondered where they got the aircraft from and this answers the question. Again, thanks! Schnauz
  2. This will seem like a stupid question to most of you but I'm new here so please cut me a bit of slack. Ive seen the videos of some of you flying the B-24 Liberator in various missions. My dad was the gunner on the port side of a B-24 in North Africa and I'd love to get this aircraft to fly in the game but have no idea where to get it from. I would really appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction to get his awesome plane to add to my game. My dad passed while I was at Lackland AFB and I know very little about his military career except for what I previously mentioned. Any assistance to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. Schnauz
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