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  1. Damn it... I know it's not allowed 'cause I have shown this pic before. But it's so pretty, please let it be considered... Thanks Zulu (Fingers Crossed - Copy of BOM) Scenery / Beauty
  2. Combat Damage Pics Mayday, Mayday, Mayday "Tell the kids daddy loves them, but he ain't ever coming home..."
  3. No Blur was added to any pics - The blur in a couple of shots was from Low frame Rates - Bizarre but true. At least there is some benefit to having a crappy PC I really really want to win a copy of BOM - I hope my pics are worth a copy - Boomerang's pics are fantastic. He seems to have a real eye for composition. Scenery / Beauty Shots (Pics 1-9) So Perdy... Combat / Flames (Pics 10-16) Burn baby, BURN!!!
  4. It's not what one would call practical, but who cares, that cockpit looks incredible.
  5. I think it's because the Syndicate server has the "No Noridc Grinches Allowed" setting enabled.
  6. Not sure what an NN skin is Bear. This is a reworked recreation of the Lagg founders skin I made for my Yak. I really really like that skin. Thought it was a pity to see it only on my Lagg. All the best Zulu
  7. DL'ing now, Thanks guys. As happy as I am to finally have the FMB and DServer, I am super excited about the little innovations that improve institutional awareness - Like being able to mark an enemy (No.52), and having a visible stall indicator (No. 60) Can't wait to test this patch and look at the FMB.
  8. A big thank you for creating and continuing to build this Beautiful, stable and technically brilliant Flight Sim. I look forward to the day I can slide into the seat of my Supermarine Spitfire powered by the new il-2 Sturmovik engine.
  9. Isn't DX12 about to be launched - the one that really lets pc's use mulitple cores properly (am a bit dumb on this subject) ? And, if so... anyone who understands this well, can you please tell us (plebs who don't understand) what is required (Technically and timewise) to drag DX9 engine sims like BOS and ROF kicking and screaming into modern technical standard. I'd much appreciate it, as I am sure all other muggles will too.
  10. Try this John, Its not as hard as it seems, though I know how frustrating it was till I cracked the matrix... Safe Landings Zulu
  11. It can be done pretty simply and repeatedly. This should help. Happy Landings Zulu
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