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  1. Can anyone else comment on this, or am I going to have to leave work early to investigate myself...?
  2. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/paul-g-allens-messerschmitt-me-262-progress-report.html Good timing
  3. With a working gyro gunsight I wonder if this will pave the way for the addition of the stuvi sight... Great job none the less!
  4. My older brother totally works for 1c and he told me the next game will be the new Gundam VS game. Pacific is fake news, yo.
  5. My guess is release date for BoK with a finalized list of features/fixes in the final release, plans for further updates and features post release of BoK, general road map to Midway with ideas as to what to do after, announcement of pre-orders open soon for the G-6 and La-5FN, open beta of the career mode imminent and discussion about the po-2 in development (and mmaaayyybbeee something like an Li-2 as well) Or that...that would be rad. Just do that, Jason.
  6. I believe of all the aircraft currently available in-game, the I-16 has the best power to weight ratio by a reasonable margin, so that definitely counts for something
  7. As strange as it might be, our dear friend raaa "aaaaahhhh" aaaiiddd isn't the first to have feelings that the gameplay is running in slow motion. Happens a lot in other competitive games - case in point (for anyone that follows fighting games) during the momochi vs k-brad set at SXSW 2015, one of the players (momochi) stopped the set after a match to complain to one of the tournament organizers that his screen had issues - he thought it was displaying everything in slow motion. It wasn't of course. but instead he was just "in the zone" Maybe raaaaaaaaaaaaid is just a top tier Street Fighter player???
  8. For better or worse the bar is only for people that preordered BoS, BoM or BoK That being said though some have taken to adding bars in their signature line to show their support
  9. The 109 G-4 for Battle of Kuban SHOULD be released tomorrow actually. Then a new aircraft every month or so moving forward.
  10. Considering that a lot of people are too cool to even taxi over to the runway to take off; I can't realistically see most people following through with this either... That and the other issues brought up above make this idea seem like an interesting novelty instead of something likely to catch on.
  11. Cause Dicks is mad overrated IMO. We should just get together and roll around cap hill.
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