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  1. when in key mapping and i try to add a stick assignment i get a NULL response no matter what i do any ideas what might be wrong??
  2. i have noticed than i have lost all control of sensitivity settings its a squirrely way to fly no control any ideas
  3. I want to complement your efforts. But with each visual spiff our Servers load up on those assets sending hundreds of players like myself to an almost unplayable status. perhaps an adjustment to the minimum playable requirement perhaps, perhaps not
  4. Gee Mr Wizz, It's a game and a game in Progress, sounds like your just looking for a job rather than being helpful. Sorry just an observation.... Too bad God how i miss FA DOH BlackAdder and there ya go...Blue
  5. Nice if only i could join in something is missing from your update that blocks me from playing IL2 Played fine before the update so the ball seem in your court
  6. ok its a joke, I'm 70 and wondering if FS2020 will be released before I die, not to say i'm ill, just trying to find out when
  7. at 70 I do not know how much more time I have, so can you tell me if summer would be a likely time for its release, I'm trying to decide is I should buy that new computer I been looking at or not. thank you
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