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  1. Small correction it's "Fmod EX" which is necessary. The rest of the comments are excellent. Good point. 😉
  2. Oh sorry. I misunderstood then. However, it seems that this is not the first time I've read this and this is not my intention believe me .
  3. But where does this idea come from that I want to be hired by the studio? I have a very good job.. thank you ....😎
  4. 3.005C patch and always the same problem,from Track Replay occlusion sound don't work .(always 0 scale in Fmod event parameter) With my sound mod it's even more obvious because in game we hear nothing from the cockpit view. indeed it's how I wanted it to work and it does it very well "in game". In replay view it's the sound of the very strong wind + all the outside environment is heard all the time. Thank you for correcting this bug which has been for a long time now. For lovers of beautiful videos it must be very painful to happen to do something correct.
  5. After patch 3.005 same problem here ...no occlusion sound from replay . We hear all the sounds from external view in internal view . It sounds like the track thinks the canopy is open so wind noise is quite loud . It's only in replay but it's been a long time now that there is this problem.
  6. After patch 3.004 same problem here ...no occlusion sound from replay . we hear all the sounds from external view in internal view.
  7. Yes and it's the internal sound we hear . It's even more audible with my own sound mod .. and in any case it does not make sense . In replay mode , in internal view only the sound of " strong wind" is heard and from attached view ,only the sound of the propeller is heard... So no internal engine sound is heard in replay view because the script command "Cockpit = 1" does not work in replay view. ( from what I could understand by working on the files. )
  8. In fact it is the same logic as for " internal view " that are not heard during replays. For attached views it's " internal view" sound that is usually heard. And as the bug is still present ...... same problem.
  9. Sorry but if there was another way with FMOD I would have tried to explain how to do but unfortunately it is not the case. I do not want to discourage you, so if someone can bring you a solution I'll be happy for you.
  10. It is impossible to explain the method because for anything to work, you have to recreate the entire sound bank and then you can start doing almost what you want.But it's a huge amount of work (And I know what I'm talking about because I've been there since 2013 now.)
  11. It's only in replay that the problem appears. I dont have this problem in normal mode but thank you for this information. Indeed it's as if the "replay" think that the cockpit is open. Please devs correct this bug .
  12. Yes.. same observation for me. In replay mode, sound occlusion no longer works and we hear all the sounds of the external view in internal view. if we record for example a mission against bombers we hear very loudly all the engines of the bombers and the machine guns also .
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