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  1. OK thanks I desactivated the full-screen mode because I got screen-tearing with Vsync desactivated
  2. @Nake350 : Hum strange, could it be from the Nvidia driver ? Have you desinstalled/reinstalled the Nvidia driver when you changed the card ? We have the same card, so you should have it too... @Sschatten14 : Got a question for you in my last post
  3. I quickly test DSR 1.78x and 33% smoothness, but still got liaising on the ground with MSAA 4x ingame (no AA Nvidia) I got better results with 2x and 33% smoothness, like Bilbo_baggins said. Are your sure about that Sschatten14 ? I first set the DSR 1.78x and after 2X without changing the resolution ingame : No problem. But when you put ingame your resolution to 2560x1440p, the image appears bigger than your screen can shows (you cannot see all the buttons to switch back). Am I missing something ? 🤨 For DSR option availability : I previously owned a 1070 and i haven't got DSR option, I assume that only the generation of 1080 and 2XXX has DSR. PC : 1920x1080px GTX 2080 PS Thanks for your contributions Sschatten !
  4. LukeFF is true, a Squadron (Staffel) can not operate alone, and what you see on the map for the most part are Gruppen/Wings, not Staffeln/Squadrons. I do not say impossible, but it was not the way things operated.
  5. DCS scratches are well done, IL2 not so...😕
  6. Seems normal in high setting... Try clouds quality : Extreme
  7. In the book Kampflieger : Bomber Crewman of the Luftwaffe 1939-45 it is written : A flight for more that X hours over ennemy territory : More than 4 hours is counted double (2 missions) ; More than 8 hours is counted triple (3 missions) ; More than 12 hours is counted quadruple (4 missions) ; More than 16 hours is counted quintuple (5 missions). Those criterias are mostly for bomber /transport/ reconnaissance crews. Precision about my previous post : Is considered "operationnal" a flight with : Minimum of 30km into ennemy airspace ; or 100km overseas outside German borders ; or If the ennemy is engaged.
  8. +1 with Kemp However to take an operationnal flight into account, it has to meet certain criterias : Ennemy engaged Or if the ennemy was not engaged, flying behind ennemy lines (I don't remember if it was at least 20 km behind)
  9. Try to un-check the in-game "Full Screen" option with Vsync desactivated in both game and Nvidia CP.
  10. Letting 3rd parties doing maps, 3D models and ground vehicule (IA) could help bringing time to focus on flight & damage models and a new engine for the game. And why not new unit like a CV
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