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  1. The editor is what can expand the community, that's what happened with 1946, and then the sales for the devs... After the visibility, dear Devs please work on the editor to make it more user-friendly (like in DCS) Imagine :
  2. Hi guys, In practice, what are the main differences between starter, standard and advanced versions for IL2 (and DCS) ? Already been here https://www.tacview.net/features/comparison/en/ but I don't see what informations would the advanced telemetry (standard version) gives me more than the telemetry the starter one ? Does the advanced version (real time telemetry) worth it for IL2 ? thx
  3. En fait tu arrives avec une configuration qui est plus que largement suffisante pour faire tourner IL2. Tu pourras jouer tout à fond. Si tu as des freezes, ce qui n'est pas impossible, ce sera dû au jeu et pas à ta config. Oui : Ne pas utiliser les courbes par défaut de refroidissement et avoir des courbes assez agressives pour faire tourner les ventilos et préserver ton matos.
  4. Salut Geo, Je suis aussi en 1080p sur un 24 pouces. J'ai grosso modo la même chose, même si j'ai pas fait autant de tests que toi. Le jeu a un vieux moteur graphique (10 ans) et utilise le MSAA, soit le traitement antialiasing le plus vieux, le moins efficace et le plus gourmand. Les antiliaising sous Nvidia SMAA et FXXAA sont inopérants pour IL2. Il semblerait que la seule solution actuelle serait de passer sur des écrans 2K ou 4 K pour amoindrir les effets d'escalier. Perso j'ai pas essayé. La vrai solution serait que les devs mettent
  5. Unable to connect to Combat Box since 3/4 days. Do not charge the mission + like a big freeze + End with msg : Error #10019 I already cleared the folder Data\Miltplayer\Dogfight without changing the problem. I can connect without problems on many others servers including : Combat box Training KOTA Finnish Wing of Liberty 72AG
  6. OK thanks I desactivated the full-screen mode because I got screen-tearing with Vsync desactivated
  7. @Nake350 : Hum strange, could it be from the Nvidia driver ? Have you desinstalled/reinstalled the Nvidia driver when you changed the card ? We have the same card, so you should have it too... @Sschatten14 : Got a question for you in my last post
  8. I quickly test DSR 1.78x and 33% smoothness, but still got liaising on the ground with MSAA 4x ingame (no AA Nvidia) I got better results with 2x and 33% smoothness, like Bilbo_baggins said. Are your sure about that Sschatten14 ? I first set the DSR 1.78x and after 2X without changing the resolution ingame : No problem. But when you put ingame your resolution to 2560x1440p, the image appears bigger than your screen can shows (you cannot see all the buttons to switch back). Am I missing something ? 🤨 For DS
  9. LukeFF is true, a Squadron (Staffel) can not operate alone, and what you see on the map for the most part are Gruppen/Wings, not Staffeln/Squadrons. I do not say impossible, but it was not the way things operated.
  10. DCS scratches are well done, IL2 not so...😕
  11. Seems normal in high setting... Try clouds quality : Extreme
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