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  1. In real life the sun causes eye discomfort, can even burn your retina. In BOX I found the sun effect nice.
  2. Same issue as IL2 1946 vanilla... a refractive effect not implemented
  3. RIP Condoleances to his family and friends
  4. If you wanna do a historical Panzer Chief with a acurate uniform : My humble research leads me to think that a panzer chief must hold at least an NCO rank : - Unteroffizier - Unterfeldwebel Mannschaften ranks (Gefreiter, Obergefreiter) was held by the crew : - Main gunner (usualy the most experienced in the team except the chief). - Driver ; - Loader ; - Light gunner (usualy junior member). Futher the table of organisation of the Panzerwaffe shows : An Halbzug (Half section of 2 Panzer) was lead by an NCO : - Unteroffizier ; - Unterfeldwebel ; - Feldwebel. A Zug (section of 4/5 Panzer) was lead by an experienced NCO or a young officer : - Feldwebel ; - Oberfeldwebel ; - Leutnant.
  5. The DSR was and is OFF for me, and as I said, desactivate the Transparency Supersampling make the flickering disappear for me.
  6. I have uninstalled some of the recent Win10 updates but it's change nothing. Cannot uninstall security ones Cannot uninstall 03/01/19 update because it don't appears in the list (my install was made the 03/03) FPS drops for me occurs even with an Offline mission 1vs1.
  7. Tests : DCS : No FPS drops = 60 FPS Vsync Squad : No FPS drops =60 FPS Vsync IL2 : Before I got 60 FPS constant Vsync ON. Now : Offline : av 40 FPS HUD OFF ; 25 FPS HUD ON. Online : average 25/30 FPS
  8. I have a very fresh win10 install since the last week-end and I'm not able to uninstall that update KB4482887 which is older. But I played at the beginning of this week without any issue.
  9. Since the middle of the week and the last hotfix : Drastic loss half of my FPS : Was at 60 fps constant, now I get 30 or less. Got micro-stutters Bad engine sound (spatial and scratchy) All was good at the beginning of the week, and no problems on others games. Does someone got the same thing ?
  10. Un I5 fera l'affaire. Le mien a 7 ans (2500k) et il fait l'affaire avec une GTX1070. Une conf du style pour BOS: PROC = I5 8600k ou 9600k CG = Nvidia GTX 1060 (mini) voir 1070 RAM = 16Go DDR4 Maintenant tout dépend de ce que tu souhaites faire à côté de BOS.
  11. Merci pour ton implication et tes oeuvres durant toutes ces années Zargos !
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