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  1. Fantastic update guys, a great improvement. Looking forward to the Rhineland career mode improvements, any clues?.
  2. I agree the 1080ti has been a great card but as i prefer to have the graphics settings on the higher side and play in vr i think it maybe time for an upgrade. I have the reverb g2 on preorder so will see how it performs with my current rig before changing anything.
  3. Sounds like another great update on its way. With msaa x8 coming I'm afraid my gtx1080ti will have to go to pasture.
  4. I feel the same , i play solely in vr and the only thing that seems to help is to increase supersampling, but it only has a slight improvement over a big decrease in performance . Seeing the way the devs are tackling the spotting issue i feel confident they will pay some attention to this also . 🤞
  5. Looks like they are improving the lenses https://mspoweruser.com/hp-reverb-g2/
  6. I've also had the same since 4.006. I have a 1080ti and have tried many combinations of graphics settings incl ones suggested by others but nothing seems to be as good as it was before 4.006. I have given up trying so just going to have to live with it until hopefully its fixed , but it is putting me off of pre-ordering Bon.
  7. It was £525 uk now its £639 , not a bad saving 🙂.
  8. Glad i preordered when i did , the money saved can go towards an rtx 3080 to run the new reverb. I have just had my G1 replaced under warranty so hopefully it will last until the G2 arrives.
  9. I think its supposed to arrive in september but i have just noticed on system active's website that the limited promotion pre-order is now closed and the price has now gone up to £639 for end of september delivery.
  10. Yes i agree I preordered mine last week , can't wait. 😀
  11. Looks like the G2 will be the first supported headset for the up and coming Microsoft simulator. Should be a great experience, shame there's no guns, bombs or rockets. https://www.polygon.com/2020/7/30/21346743/microsoft-flight-simulator-vr-support-confirmed-hp-reverb-g2-oculus-htc
  12. Hi I just received my replacement today all working fine now and your right it does seem to have a darker image and better colours. I've found I can switch on hdr now , it always seemed a bit bright and washed out before.
  13. Yes i agree i cannot fault the support, it was in the post within a few hours and hopefully will arrive today. They have also agreed to replace the cable if i still have a problem. Lets hope they last a bit longer , i still have 15 months warranty so I'm ok for a bit.
  14. The dreaded black screen has happened to my reverb this week also. Spoke to Hp this morning and they are sending new headset tomorrow (without cables or accessories) no fault finding or questions asked. I've had mine for 9 months , hopefully this one will last longer but i am tempted to put it on ebay and wait for the g2 to arrive.
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