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  1. Hi Alonzo the following guide helped me get the best out of my ram. https://github.com/integralfx/MemTestHelper/blob/master/DDR4 OC Guide.md
  2. Sorry you've had the issues with your extension, i received mine today and after what you've said i gave mine a good look at before assembling and i have found the problem. The centre location pin on the warthog grip is in the center of the connector but the mating hole in the extension cable is offset slightly, i used a scalpel to elongate the hole slightly which has solved the problem. I'm sure if you hadn't brought this issue up i would be in the same situation as you, I'm not even sure the guy who sells these would be aware. I have included som
  3. Very nice setup, this is the kind of thing i am looking to build . I have a car bucket seat on order and will fabricate a metal frame to mount it on. I don't know whether to mount the stick on the frame or have it freestanding as you have. My extension arrives on Thursday so will cobble up something to mount on floor and try like that for a while. Happy flights.
  4. The problem i find is that if i reduce the ss to a level which makes distant spotting easier i then find it more difficult to id targets at closer range.
  5. Hi Fenris i have to admit these we're a bit of an impulse purchase I'm afraid and i hadn't realized they we're single rank at the time. I will have to put this down to experience or lack of it. Havin said that i am happy with the results in the SYN_Vander benchmark. A new gpu is what i really need but i can't justify the crazy prices at the moment even if i could get one.
  6. Hi thats good news. I ordered the 10cm extension yesterday . I currently have my warthog on my desktop which is not that comfortable to use so have decided to build a sim seat with the stick in the middle hence the need for the extension. Hopefully this may improve my skills.😂
  7. Hi with my limited experience with memory overclocking / tuning I found above 4000 mhz had a negative impact on my benchmark results. For me the sweet spot was 4000 mhz but others seem to find 3800 mhz better. There is probably someone better qualified to give you advice on individual brands of memory but Gskill seems to give good results in the SYN_Vander benchmark test. I purchased TeamGroup DDR4 3600 CL 14-15-15-35 1.45v 2x 8 Gb which if a bit overpriced has given me good results.
  8. Hi I'm sure this is just a bad cable, do you have a multimeter at hand you could check continuity on the pins from one end of the cable to the other , there is probably a strand of wire shorting between two pins somewhere. Keep us posted as i am looking to purchase one from the ebay shop myself.
  9. Hi whichever Ryzen you choose make sure you pair it with good memory preferably samsung b die , if you check the following benchmarks you will see most of the top results are with good memory and with tight timings. I spent quite some time tuning my memory and the results for my 5600x are up with the 5800x and 5900x. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gJmnz_nVxI6_dG_UYNCCpZVK2-f8NBy-y1gia77Hu_k . Hope this helps
  10. I agree with dburne's comments except for me i am happier to run without motion smoothing but i only achieve 50-60 fps with current gpu but still find it very playable. I think there will be compromises which ever way go, maybe order both and send one back on sale or return.
  11. Hi Chilli tighter memory timings are definitely the way to go, its a bit time consuming but worth it.
  12. My personal experience of 60 hz is not good, i find it very flickery a bit like a room full of bad florescent lighting. Just my opinion though others don't notice it.
  13. Hi guys I have recently installed better quality ram on my pc (TeamGroup DDR4 3600 CL 14-15-15-35 1.45v 2x 8 Gb samsung b die.) I have spent the last week tuning to try and gain the best performance, I am a novice at this so used Ryzen dram calculator as a starting point and used the following guide for help. https://github.com/integralfx/MemTestHelper/blob/master/DDR4 OC Guide.md I am quite pleased with the results, a good improvement over previous results, especially the vr tests (not bad for an old gtx 1080ti running a reverb g2). Cpu: R5600x
  14. Hi I found this guide when researching the edge to edge clarity debate and these setup instructions have definitely helped me. I have been setting the IPD slider to my own ipd which is about 64 mm but after following these instructions its ended up about 66mm, and I am now seeing a slight improvement in e to e clarity. Hope others may find it useful. https://reverb.danol.cz/achieving-edge-to-edge-clarity/
  15. Hi also had black screens when adjusting the headstrap but found when pulling the strap back the cable was pulling on the connector. I fitted a cable restraint as shown in photo using a small cable tie so the cable can't slide back past the larger cable tie ( the headset cable clip broke within the first week). I have not had a problem since. Hope this makes sense and is of help.
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