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  1. G'day guys. Just a quick video for your viewing pleasure.
  2. Has this issue of onkilled firing more than once been rectified? @-DED-Rapidus I'm finding that I have a counter set to only activate after 2 planes have been shot down but as soon as 1 is shot down the counter activates.
  3. For those who were complaining about not having enough ammunition to shoot down any more than 1-2 fighters: Try 7 in one sortie with enough ammo left over to strafe and kill 3 ground targets. The 37mm is an incredibly effective 'sniper' weapon in the right hands and even more so if you use the HE ammo. Just go easy on the trigger finger. http://il2.theunprofessionals.com.au:8080/en/sortie/96334/?tour=20
  4. More crash dumps. Problem persists and has even occurred on other maps too. Il-2.exe.18476.dmp.zip
  5. Another unexplained CTD. This occurred after I completely uninstalled the game and re-installed. Il-2.exe.12072.dmp.zip
  6. Another CTD with no error message. This time while flying on Winter Moscow. See dmp file. No mods. Il-2.exe.8852.dmp.zip
  7. I uninstalled Re-shade and still have the same issue. Again this only occurs on Rheinland. Played for 3 hours on Moscow with no issues. Il-2.exe.7452.dmp.zip
  8. I've started having frequent CTD's during game play. Usually occurring on the Rheinland map. In this post I've attached my most recent dmp file however you can find a zip containing the last 2 days worth of dmp files here (google drive) Some of these crashes can occur within 10 minutes of loading into the map. When you encountered the crash: flying on Rheinland In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario): Multiplayer PvP In what mission: any What did you do before the crash: flew my plane What happened in the mission before the crash: nothing of
  9. I've had the same error as well. Although mostly mine is just instant CTD with no warning or error.
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