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  1. I didn't realise vectoring was possible in IL2? that would be amazing if it could be added into PWCG.
  2. I'm getting the same issue now that I'm down to only 2 planes. I can't actually generate a mission so I've resorted to doing lone wolf missions then adding one extra pilot to my flight. The only thing about taking leave is that all the other pilots continue to fly, die, and get kills while you're gone, even though you only have 1 or 2 planes left.
  3. Why thank you, I wish I could say the same. Don't take it too personally if I don't take everything you say to heart. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though and say if that was the case, then how disappointing. I'll add that maybe next time you do us the privilege of showering us with your "expertise", I'd tone down on the level of arrogance you exude.
  4. Appears that way. Indeed it is, but this is coming from the person telling everyone to drop the subject. As you said it's a free forum and it's sole purpose is conversation/discussion, I see no harm in it and it's the first time I've discussed anything of the sort. I'll take your word on it Mr Person on the Internet . As I said this is the first time I've discussed this topic or said anything relating to it, and you resorting to telling me to grow up in order to prove your point just kinda makes you the one who needs to grow up. At the end of the day I'm not going to be losing sleep over whether they add it or not, but I'd hate for you to lose any bud, you seem a bit up tight.
  5. Well you're clearly not a proponent of it, so I'm curious why you're coming onto a thread dedicated to this subject just to crap all over it. And I'm not aware of any post anywhere that states that it is not possible, or is never going to be implemented, If you know of one please feel free to share (something useful).
  6. Sorry, didn't realise you were an expert. I guess you don't either then, but seeing as they're currently working on 3 different expansions/titles I think they're doing just fine. And mate, this is just a discussion, the brown nosing is rather unnecessary.
  7. I'm sure every thing the Devs add/do is very difficult (they're the professionals after all, and maybe you don't give them enough credit), I find it hard to believe that's what is stopping them though. Like I said though, it's been done in other titles, and someone even managed to find a way to do it in falcon 4, a game which came out in 1998. Yeah... still having the same results unfortunately. Very informative response though.
  8. Yeah, has been done plenty of times before though, and as far as animation goes and I would think that it would be relatively straight forward. It's only 3 inputs like you said, stick, rudder, and throttle. I don't think anyone is asking for trim wheel adjustments etc.. (though that would be pretty awesome). Modders even managed to did it in Falcon/BMS, albeit without the hands and arms, but I think that was mostly because of the clickable cockpit and the view obstruction it would cause, which wouldn't pose an issue in IL2.
  9. @LizLemon Can't imagine it would take that much work to polish that up a bit and add animations. Gotta say you got my hopes up, when I glanced your post I thought you'd already made a mod for it!
  10. @oho I noticed the same thing after a few patrols with no contact (start of a new career so attrition wasn't an issue I don't think), I ended up just turning the downward modifier to 0, and setting enemy minimum flights to 2. Pretty happy with the outcome so far.
  11. Other than my piss poor attempt at taxiing the I16 (a plane I admittedly don't fly all that often), and a few minor scratches and dings that aren't worth mentioning, that worked perfectly!. Updating the object placer to know about every airfield's taxi ways sounds like an undertaking, or would it just be a matter of copying the existing information from the taxi paths you've already created?
  12. @Murleen I'll believe when I see it . But in all seriousness this awesome to hear @Yogiflight Good point, I hope the inherent randomness of PWCG wouldn't make it any more difficult to implement. On a side note, I don't know about anyone else, but I can't believe how much the latest additions have made a difference in gameplay. I'm actually trying to nurse my damaged aircraft back to base now, rather than just ditching or bailing out. Not to mention being exceedingly more careful on each sortie, and actually caring about each aircraft/pilot loss. The other really cool effect has been being able to suppress enemy squadrons in your area. Over the cause of a few intercept missions I've almost been able to completely ground two bomber squadrons, after inflicting heavy losses on them (including all their ranking pilots). Thanks again Pat .
  13. Yeah that's what I recall being said. If it can't be implemented properly for those reasons, it might still be a cool (and unique) feature to add to lone wolf missions?, and would set them apart as well as making it only an occasional occurrence, so as to prevent some people from getting too "bored" of it .
  14. @Murleen Thanks for the reply Murleen, and the awesome additions! That's awesome to hear, I was under the impression it may not be possible (I think I remember someone on here saying so in the past), at least for the AI. I hear you, although personally I find it one of the best aspects about flying online, and one that is noticeably lacking when going back to singleplayer. I tend to find appearing on the runway 30 seconds before takeoff rather jarring and slightly immersion killing, but that's just me . Hopefully with the help of skilled people such as yourself it becomes an option in the near future.
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