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  1. I would also recommend Adolf Galland's book, "the first and the last".
  2. Oh man, that is very bad and demotivating as well.
  3. Yeah it's like they say "let him sort it out, im going to drink tea laced with rum".
  4. Would be cool to have a handgun and shoot the guy between the eyes. After all, it is war ya know 🙂
  5. I always fly iron man. But yeah, getting killed also gives me mixed feelings, but it is part of the sim. I am actually kind of nervous when i do ground attack missions as well, that AAA intimidates me more than in any other sim before. And the noise it makes when it hits you! My most vivid memory is a mission i did with the HS-129, attacking a train. Made a few passes with success. Then when i extended from a pass, i got hit by AAA. At first it didn't seem so bad, just a scratch i thought. But then the right wing came off completely. Geeez, the shock! I was way too low to bail out and died in a huge explosion. Honestly i was staring at my screen silently for a few minutes, trying to get my head around what just happened.
  6. That purple nose looks absolutely beautiful to me.
  7. Looks fine to me. Exit the craft, light cigaret and think about past actions. 🙂
  8. I hear ya alright, it's not easy no. But most my successes have been head-on passes though. I know you don't like to do this, but i have to mention that i think you should reconsider. I had a 1v1 with an AI pilot yesterday and i also had trouble with him, but eventually i ripped him up via a head-on pass. The rollrate of the FW-190 is just so damn good, it amazes me every time, i use it to extend and then try to do my magic trick. That big cockpit edge is blocking the view sometimes so i move my face forward as much as i can to have the best view and then hide behind the cowl and blast away.
  9. Spot on, that was a great sim indeed. Multiplayed it a lot as well. I can only recall multiplayer actually, not anything else. Was there AI? I played a load of sims from the days of the C64, via Amiga into the PC era. I do not know all the sims by name anymore though. At the moment when i look at WW2 combat sims i compare them often to Microprose European Air War, which was just amazing to me. I was part of a virtual JG5 squadron then, with Jerry Boucher who is now making his money by making beautiful drawings of WW2 planes. Maybe people here have heard of him, you can find his name often on sites like www.hyperscale.com. IL-2 1946 was great, but i didnt like the campaigns, too short, not always realistic or representative of the simulated conflict. For example, the pacific campaign with the famous blacksheep squadron never involved flying from islands with F4U's which did happen in real life. And the pearl harbor campaign from the Japanese side was just with too few airplanes and i never discovered how i could increase this number. I mean attacking pearl harbor with 12 planes or so was disappointing to me. I only liked the Hungarian campaign, but again, this one was also very short. I bought IL-2 BoS months ago, but i noticed i needed a trackir or VR kit. Since i had no money for this then, i put IL-2 BoS in the "fridge" for a while. Couple of weeks ago i finally bought a trackir and i have clocked 15 hours in the sim since. I love it so far, but i stick with offline for now. I am a bit rusty.
  10. I have this one, along with the allied aces variant. And one i also liked is "the blond knight of Germany" about Erich Hartmann. The first book i read of a german pilot was from Heinz Knoke "i flew for the fuhrer", but this is western front if i remember well.
  11. WOnderful campaign, really immersive. I am into mission 8 or so now and i swear i feel like a seasoned luftwaffe pilot. Never have been shot down, even though some of the AI pilots gave me a good run for my money. I am usually outnumbered and i made it back at least once with a smoking engine. Only thing that was kind of weird ... Doing another patrol mission over enemy territory, i went deep into their area and noticed a bunch of planes flying around not acting on my attacks. I came across yaks and il-2's and whenever i shot at them, they hardly did anything. It was like i was fighting student pilots that were unaware of what to do against me. SOme did turn and try to evade, but none of them tried to shoot at me. What is this? I simply told myself i had run into a group of planes that were on training mission, yet close to the front.
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