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  1. I recognise some of the things mentioned here. But my view might be different because im new to IL-2 BoS. I have no issue with the scratches making me lose view of the other plane. I lose the view of the other plane because i simply have trouble spotting them against the background. But that, for me, stands seperately from the scratches in the cockpit canopy. But yes, these scratches are very visible and i cannot remember seeing this when i was still flying sailplanes/soaring planes (im not sure how they are called). I used to fly planes like PZL puchacz and PZL junior and these also had plexi canopies.
  2. This is the first time i see this and i want to say that i am very much impressed. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. There is a lot of talk on this site about spotting/ seeing planes. Now i am certainly not an expert on the matter, but i tried some different settings from people here. Have you looked inside the forum? THere is really a lot of info. I have not tried installing other software like sweetFX yet, which i believe was also mentioned to improve the graphics. I am not sure wether in my case it was a change of settings or me just getting used to the sim, but my time certainly has improved. And i also compensate myself by flying lower than other planes, so they stand out better against the sky. Other things that helped me were trying not to shake my plane too much while spotting or simply zooming in the view. I also move my head forward (TrackIR user here) so i get a wider view through the front window, getting rid of the cockpit bars a bit. Personally i only have 23 hours into it and i am finally getting really used to the TrackIR. I move my head around a lot and that helped me bigtime.
  4. I would also recommend Adolf Galland's book, "the first and the last".
  5. Oh man, that is very bad and demotivating as well.
  6. Yeah it's like they say "let him sort it out, im going to drink tea laced with rum".
  7. Would be cool to have a handgun and shoot the guy between the eyes. After all, it is war ya know 🙂
  8. I always fly iron man. But yeah, getting killed also gives me mixed feelings, but it is part of the sim. I am actually kind of nervous when i do ground attack missions as well, that AAA intimidates me more than in any other sim before. And the noise it makes when it hits you! My most vivid memory is a mission i did with the HS-129, attacking a train. Made a few passes with success. Then when i extended from a pass, i got hit by AAA. At first it didn't seem so bad, just a scratch i thought. But then the right wing came off completely. Geeez, the shock! I was way too low to bail out and died in a huge explosion. Honestly i was staring at my screen silently for a few minutes, trying to get my head around what just happened.
  9. That purple nose looks absolutely beautiful to me.
  10. Looks fine to me. Exit the craft, light cigaret and think about past actions. 🙂
  11. I hear ya alright, it's not easy no. But most my successes have been head-on passes though. I know you don't like to do this, but i have to mention that i think you should reconsider. I had a 1v1 with an AI pilot yesterday and i also had trouble with him, but eventually i ripped him up via a head-on pass. The rollrate of the FW-190 is just so damn good, it amazes me every time, i use it to extend and then try to do my magic trick. That big cockpit edge is blocking the view sometimes so i move my face forward as much as i can to have the best view and then hide behind the cowl and blast away.
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