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  1. On#aircraftdestroyed: mission success if X number or X% of enemy aircraft destroyed, or AI bugout if X% friendlies destroyed Onobjectdestroyed: mission success if object X destroyed (factory, hangar etc) More valuable than any of the above though would be to fix the AI though so that it actually does what you want it to in the mission ie ENGAGE THE (CORRECT) BLOODY ENEMY - target fighters - target bombers - attack ground targets Everything else in mission building is a luxury until you can stop the AI fighters flying straight past enemy formations, or ignoring attacks and con
  2. This is looking like the Year of the P40! Even DCS is getting in on the act. Pre-sale now, delivery Sept(ish). http://veaosimulations.co.uk/product/p-40f/ Plenty of screenies there of it flying in game...over modern Eastern Europe. Though if you squint, it could be China in the 1940s? (Naaaaaah.) No news from Team Fusion on their Med mod to Cliffs of Dover with P40 lately. Uneducated guess is that it looks unlikely this year. So BoS/BoM is the only way to get a fresh P40 combat fix in a real WWII game. Bring it! H
  3. A big disadvantage in RL but not so much in this game. The campaign missions seem to me to be mostly generated at lowish alt. And not many online flyers actually use altitude properly. Plenty of action down low as long as you keep your eye on the skies. Plus you can always spawn away from the action and spend all the time you like grabbing some sky - there aren't many scamble or die missions/scenarios. H
  4. P40 coming to early access in September? Yee haaaa!
  5. Great to hear things are moving along. Well done. P40 time!!
  6. +1 to that! The crack of the flak exploding, schrapnel ripping through the skin of your B17s, the plane next to you catching fire and falling into the one below it, crew members dropping in pools of blood... H PS in fairness during the beta stage a lot of us complained that the flak was too deadly, and the devs adjusted...
  7. +1 to that, the enjoyment is mostly in the creation. I love working in teams to build campaigns, which also helps with the promotion of them as you use the network of all of your members, and the more multinational your team, the better! I just checked downloads of our Cliffs of Dover REDUX campaigns (Battle of Britain, Sealion, Malta, Murmansk) and they are currently at 25,300 - about 5,000 per campaign though with the main Battle of Britain campaign at around 10,800. The campaigns have been around a couple of years now except for Murmansk, but downloads in the last year were 8,100 - so s
  8. Ooooh chart wars. Nearly as good as the real thing (gets biscuits)...
  9. Even on the ground, it don't look peaceful From this great website! https://www.pinterest.com/dc3mech1/curtis-aircraft-p-40-warhawk/
  10. Great vid! Belushi was a wild man. @Prefontaine... You dont need to buy BoM to fly the P40. You can get it as a premium plane to fly in BoS quick missions. H
  11. Interesting debates, but maybe the answer doesn't lie in the intrinsic limitations of the BoS multiplayer game, but rather in the breadth of really attractive alternatives. I haven't been online or offline in BoS or any other flight sim since I discovered WT Groundforces and bought myself a Panzer IV for $18, joined a squad and started playing online in 'sim battles'. (Yep, 'sim battles' ha ha. This aint SBPro. WTGF aint no sim). And the rest of my precious limited gaming time is used on Panzer Corps on iOS playing against my brother on the other side of the globe. There is to
  12. It's all very well and good with these summer maps...but we need real summer...with saaaaaand!
  13. Yes, I asked them to do that, though I'm sure I wasn't the only one and am thankful they listened. It is the best site in my opinion for mission builders to place their stuff. I've used a lot of other sites over the years but nothing drives downloads like M4T! H PS if you have trouble uploading, remember there is a rather tight total file size limit. I think by memory it is 120MB or something. So if your file is larger, you need to split it into several parts. Also, it doesn't take all file types (.exe files for example can't be uploaded) so check that limitation too.
  14. PS, got the following email today from Prof Reina Pennington, author of the book 'Women Wings and War' (and a former airforce officer herself). Great info here on Soviet women aces. The site is a WIP but particularly interesting to me was the account of Lilya Litviak/Katja Budanova's faithful mechanic Inna Pasportnikova, who accompanied them on all their postings, until their deaths. http://lilylitviak.org/styled-21/styled-2/ Dear Fred, I just launched the web site: http://lilylitviak.org. If you have a chance, take a look. It's very much a work in progress, so suggestions are a
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