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  1. Dumb question maybe. I Cannot find the Fuel Tank Selector Switch key binding on the sim. With full fuel, and after a 40 minute flight in the carreer mode i end up with both engines out, even if during the transit flight i adopt around 35" mmHG MP as a power setting. i dont understand why the engines quit, as the gauge is still indicating a lot of fuel remaining... any clue ?
  2. from the data that i saw, at 10.000ft, 200mph IAS would be the best rate of turn resulting in a 12.7 degrees/ second. So you are telling me that a propeller aircraft cannot fly to a specific speed an maintain it in a sustained turn ? lol I ll be more than happy to have accurate data reference about the reference speeds you are talking about. Could you point me out the manual or publication where you get the info ? that would be much appreciated. While you mention to want to maintain a high G load on the aircraft, how would you measure that in the sim ? Correct me if im wrong but im not sure that i saw a G-meter on the cockpit. And i if some Bank / Speed / G load performance charts exists, i ll be more than happy to consult them in any manual. Pulling abrubtly in the stick results for me in a too much important loss of speed, getting myself in the range of slow speeds, with flaps dragging, without any room to re-accelerate. in online. its plenty of time to get my ass kicked.
  3. after using few of the techniques described above, i manage to slightly feel more confident in the P-38 in online. to sum up * im now always flying above 10.000ft, (which is my minimum ceiling) usually between 15-20.000ft. Indeed, turbochargers at those altitudes showed all their potential, and seeing a 109s and 190s struggling at high AoA in my mirror, buffeting at the verge of stall, trying to shoot some lucky bullets are priceless. * I, (thanks to Video mentionned above) took note of some reference speeds, and following them now allow me to exploit the P38 at its full extent. As per the reference video, i use : - Vy : 165 - Best turning speed : 200 (with flaps, i can gain some nose authority if needed) never under 200, and she handles like a charm. very nice to discover all those special things. i just need to practice more my aim precision while Boom And Zooming. I also find the 630 meters of convergence as reference way too short. feel weird to me, as i never manage to fly that close to have a good window of shooting at this distance. i fly without labels, and with the zoomed out cockpit at its max, making my eye picture of the targets very small. what settings are you using for optimal dogfight in terms of view ?
  4. Great ! Thanks a lot for all the advices, i'm going to take notes and try them. to answer to PRE : Thanks for all the advices, i agree, the modeling job of the cockpit is outstanding. too bad it don't have a clickable cockpit. assigning key biding is a nightmare, especially for the startup. i'll look up for the video about engine management, and try your general advices. to answer to [TLC]YIPPEE : I Never thought of using full flaps in a circle, how dumb, and so simple.... thanks a lot. I will try it for sure. smh. *facepalm* to answer to Legioneod : what do you mean by BnZ ? i usually stay high, then dive on Tgt, but usually while trying to follow the jerry in the vertical, i bleed too much speed and finish with an airspeed around 100mph, hauling my heavy *ss trying to follow the bandit, looking it dissapearing far away. Are you playing with any prop settings during a fight ? i usually dont touch them, going all the way during the dogfight on a full fine setting. to answer to CPT Crunch : 1) That's what i noticed while flying the P-38 after around 10h hours in multiplayer. i use realistic settings, and can't seem to keep up after any german aircraft. What is your climb speed as a reference ? what relative nose angle to the horizon ? 2) i know that working as a pair is one of the basics, obviously, but while online, nobody seems to care to work like that. Sure some virtual squadrons do that (especially Germans ones, making them very efficient, for what i saw) but usually i end up all alone trying to snatch lone kills. And i honestly don't have time (or willingness) to join a virtual squadron, as from my past personnal experience, everybody there tend to be too much serious at pretending to be top notch dudes, with almost no knowledge at all, and end up p*ssing me off. Never tried a virtual squadron in IL-2BoBP though. 3) Will try to bring the fight to higher altitudes for sure. the turbocharger in lower altitudes don't seem to do sh*t... Anyways, thanks fro all the answers, that's all i was waiting for, i'll sleep on that, and practice a lot. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello chaps, im new to the sim, and pretty interested to master the P-38 in dogfight. i know for a fact that the plane in the hands of good pilots could be very effective, as it allowed many aces to be born. So my question is this : What are your techniques to master the P-38 ? Think of it as a back to debrief pilot chat, no need to BS me with useless info and technical nonsense out of context please, im a real life FI, just need to go straight to point. For what i saw, P-38 is not very popular on online servers (my actual ratio is approx. 1kill to 10 for the jerries) and i saw that in many occasions : my P-38 is : * Outpowered in turn radius by 109s and 190s * Outpowered in climb rate by 109s and 190s (its a darn multi-engine A/C for f*cks sakes, am i missing something ??) * Outpowered in level flight by 109s and 190s the only poor technique i found to dogfight online was to lick the ground under the dogfighting zone, pick one lost Me-109 and shoot it down if i dont overshoot it. I began to read the two P-38 manuals online but it seems there is no real dogfighting advices on them. So my questions to the P-38 guys here : Would you guys prefer to bring the ennemy at low altitude in a horizontal turn fight ? Would you guys prefer to bring the enemy in a vertical fight ? For what reason ? is it me or the Me109 seems two much overpowered ? What are your references to fly the P-38 videos, manuals, that work ? i want to improve my ratio with combat proven techniques, i read enough manuals all day long to do it again once at home, so just looking for simple and legit advices. i know im heavier but its a darn turbocharged twin engine aircraft... dammit...
  6. Stalls and spins characteristics seems pretty nominal for me, just proceed with the standard exits procedures that apply in any A/C and it will work. i not studied well the mustang manuals but the aircraft behavior is sane to me...
  7. Just a little tribute to one of the greatest aces and mustache the world ever had. Im planning to do all versions of SCAT aircraft flown by Olds during his WWII career, informations permitting.Skins felt cute, might delete later or never release, idk...
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