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  1. I love flying the Hurricane, it is such a simple, stable airplane to fly. The 303s are not the most powerful guns in an aircraft so shot placement is the key, sometimes the worst place to be against a 109 is on his six because you can pump hundreds of rounds into his fuselage and hit nothing vital but if you get him to turn you open up deflection shots to the engine or pilot, luckily the AI usually obliges. Stalingrad does allow you to fly the Hurricane with 2 .50s and 2-20mm(wish it had a gun selector switch) but it is a very short campaign, like 10 missions before the Hurricane is withdrawn.
  2. Sorry if it has already been asked but has someone planned or considered adjusting the squadrons in the Novorossisyk-Taman campaign to be Allied aircraft and squadrons, thus giving us a 1943 N. Africa campaign ?
  3. To be quite frank I don't fly the stock Bodenplatte campaigns, I always switch to PWCG for the reasons discussed above. The probability of encountering Axis aircraft is just too high, even on low settings. I flew one Spitfire Mk IX campaign, for 10 missions straight I was providing ground troop cover, always encountering 190s always shooting 2 or 3 of them down, meanwhile flying P-47 campaigns I am flying at low altitude in a heavily loaded P-47, getting bounced by FW-190s every other mission. I am not saying the Luftwaffe didn't exist in mid-1944 just not as frequent as the game suggests. I
  4. I think New Guinea would be the most practical. Midway would be a very short campaign(3 days), a Guadalcanal, Okinawa Campaign would cover vast distances(the distance from Buin to Henderson Field or Okinawa to the Home Islands is like 350 miles). A Leyte Gulf Campaign could work but I think based on the aircraft we already have, the relatively short distance(though still bigger than most of our current maps), the length of the campaign, and the parity of forces engaged, that the New Guinea campaign would make the most sense. Furthermore, it does not require adding carrier forces or invasion f
  5. I use Easy but still encounter enemy aircraft 50-60% of the time, with Easy there are fewer of them but still challenging with a overloaded slow P-47.
  6. Is it possible to change the kill counts for AI pilots in the Unit HQ tab to reflect the squadron they are in, it is kind of weird having multiple aces in a Ju-52 squadron? This may be just me but I have trouble enjoying an Allied Bodenplatte campaign. Flying a P-47 campaign I never last more than 5 or 6 missions because we are constantly bounced by 109s and 190s. In 1944, a US fighter was more than twice as likely to be shot down by Flak as it was an enemy aircraft, considering this includes both USAAF 8th and 9th Air Forces we can assume the numbers were even less likely for 9th
  7. A flyable B16, that would be something. As far as I know it only was only a paper design
  8. twilson37

    Next Up...

    Personally it is not my thing, I would love to see a campaign for N. Africa using the Kuban Mod Map, that being said I am willing to help out in any way I can, should be a challenging mod.
  9. The thing is they shouldn't need it. In 1944 the Luftwaffe was averaging less than 400 Fighter sorties per day in NW Europe. The USAAF 9th air force alone was more than double not to mention the 2nd TAW and the 8th AF. Most Allied pilots rarely saw German fighters, furthermore many Luftwaffe pilots were poorly trained, rather than have escorts they should simply reduce the likelihood of being intercepted and randomize the number and location of attackers when they do. In reality Allied fighter planes face far greater threats from Flak than enemy aircraft.
  10. One thing I have found it to stay far away from my squad mates, they seem to enjoy filling my airplane full of holes. On one mission I was flying a Hurricane in BoS, when i noticed a 109 on a squad mate's tail. I fired a deflection shot on the 109, who made the mistake of turning away from me allowing me to latch on to his tail. As I am lining up to shoot him down the squad mate who I just saved turns around and proceeds to pump my aircraft full of 20mm canon shells trying to shoot the 109 through I do wish they would make recovery times more realistic. It is almost always just a day.
  11. I generally only fly one or two campaigns. Currently I am flying a Yak campaign in the Kuban that carried over from a Hurricane campaign. I have a second Ju-52 campaign which I mainly fly when my Track IR isn't tracking properly or needs to be recharged, both are on Ironman. I will say when you are on mission 50 in an Iron Man campaign and have an oil leak 100km from Allied lines it makes for a nerve racking flight.
  12. I guess for me the thing I like most is the map. This map is unique in that we had a static front line for 4 years and we have a plane set already which can utilize it (though it will probably be through PWCG). We can have night blitz missions over Southhampton, rodeo missions over Normandy, early USAAF bombing raids in 1943. This on top of the 1944 campaigns we get with the stock game. It really opens the Western Front up from just a few months in 1944-45 to an entire theater of the war. Ok, that and the Typhoon.
  13. I agree, the one's I remember most are the ones I barely made it out of. I remember once running out of ammo in a Hurricane and having two 109s chase me around the streets of Stalingrad while it was being shelled, another coming to at 500 feet with an engine on fire after being shot by my wingman (once I got out of the hospital I requested a transfer).
  14. Personally I think the Pacific option may still be a ways off, and BoB would likely compete with CoD. The problem with a late war Eastern Front is what Axis aircraft do you use, are we going to get three more variants of the 109 and 190. I agree there are still some great Russian aircraft like the La-7 and Yak-3. I think Italy or Finland makes the most sense because we can have completely new aircraft from the Allies and Axis with Finnish Aircraft and Italian Aircraft, some of these aircraft could also be used in other campaigns
  15. Thanks enjoying the campaign now
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