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  1. I have no idea what a "tada" is. So i Clicked on everything lol
  2. Which plane has everyone pre-ordered? Trying to make my choice between the 3 right now🤪
  3. Yea. the Devs need to put more focus on utilizing GPU resources for VR and really make this game shine. Yes that works on smaller monitors. I have my PC attached to a 65 inch TV and if I do that the CPU is strained horribly. Also, Id like a new loadout screen. Something outside with more sunlight. The hanger looks good but is so dark.
  4. So i used the above copy and paste framework into my cfg file for better viewing. With the new update I have lost Target marking while looking directly at the target. if i look off to the side the red marker appears, but it disappears if I look right at it. Any help? i7-7820x 1080TI FTW3 Samsung Odyssey
  5. As it sits right now the "best" headset you can get is the Samsung Odyssey. Has higher pixel density than any other HMU. Even Beats out the Vive+. CV1 is ancient tech now.
  6. After the last update, I have noticed that the red enemy markers don't appear in front of my focal point in my WMR headset. They only come up if im looking kind of away from them. If i look right at them they disappear. Any thoughts?
  7. I also had a ton of steam and steamVR udates last week which screwed with a bunch of different settings.
  8. I play in VR exclusively and haven't noticed anything
  9. Is the recording of whats coming off the monitor? I have been trying to figure this out for a while too. I am forced to use steamvr and WMR because I have a samsung odyseey headset. What happens, is that the game is playing 3 different times. And it really slows down the pc. How can I solve this??
  10. When I overclock my pc, i7-7820x and 1080ti ftw3 I get crashes too. If I leave the settings alone the game plays five. I am getting 70-80 FPS normally but was wanting more. I had a rash of updates last week as well, Nvidia and SteamVR. About 4 or 5 day after day. I was having alot of problems last week as well.
  11. In VR, Clouds play a HUGE role. Depending on the type and density, they can make your life a nightmare. In VR, the weather hits the windscreen and streaks down the sides. Its beautiful. I have lost many planes in the clouds. This game is old, its not like microshaft flight stimulator at all. I am just glad I have this game at thsi point. IN a day where computer gaming is more or less FPS games with 12 year olds running around. A true to life flight sim is much more enjoyable to me.
  12. You cant. The game dosent have a minimize button in the corner.
  13. That works. But it will NOT Minimize and is infuriating.
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