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  1. It will be fixed in following update(s) Reinstall will not help.
  2. Even when you're playing multiplayer, there is AI involved in flaks, at some maps also in ships, trucks and trains.
  3. I assume they had implemented it. When I'm binoculars equipped and click with LMB, cursor is updating it's shape from circle to crosshair when I move it over enemy target. But it's almost impossible to catch that moment and click on it with LMB.
  4. This is not implemented in the best way. It's almost impossible to point cursor at target when you're using TrackIR with binoculars.
  5. I have only 16 GB of RAM, but this issue happened only once on my computer. I've played tank mission "In the first wave" and restarted it twice after being destroyed in both attempts. In the third run this bug occurred. I understand, that catching this error is tricky. I'll try to run steps you recommended.
  6. It could lead to multiplying controls - one for opening a hatch and second for putting driver/gunner/commander out of the tank. Ressuply vehicle is supported in the game. Just put it in Mission editor anywhere you want. When damaged tank repair takes from few minutes to ~30 minutes you would like to heal crew members instantly? 🤦‍♂️
  7. Brief description: Fuel pressure gauge for T-34 76 shows zero even after engine is started Detailed description, conditions: Fuel pressure gauge for T-34 76 shows zero even after engine is started Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Track: https://ufile.io/wyrj7tfm
  8. Brief description: Take-off point completely different of the air base. Detailed description, conditions: In a career mode for 15 (span.)/JG27 based at Sychevka airfield "Intercept bombers " mission generated from this unit had take off and landing point at Bolshoe Vergovo (2702 square in the Moscow map) Red circle points at the take off airfield. Blue ellipse around the mission route. It starts in bottom left corner, but whole unit took off from Bolshoe Vergovo Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Mission track https://ufile.io/os6chwge
  9. @-DED-Rapidus, don't have to thank me, just trying to report issues for helping you make better game for everyone.
  10. Non Prokhorovka maps suffer from invisible obstacles, usually at the edges of forests and meadows, which cause tank and crew damage. Will be they fixed with this update? There are two scripted campaigns in the game where you can give orders to whole platoon.
  11. @-DED-Rapidus, I've added track when some II/LG2 squadron planes are trying to land at Dugino Airfield, instead of Sychevka.
  12. It's simple. Just press Esc to get into menu and choose "Station notes" from it when you're in tank.
  13. @-DED-Rapidus I've updated post related to suspicious AI behavior in tanks, put link to track there.
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