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  1. Good idea! So it means that server is loading the map only when previous map finishes or when admin execute switch to next command. Thanks Alonzo, you've solved my worst nightmare!
  2. It's a shame, that there is impossible to inject list of missions to the running server without restarting it.
  3. Blame God, that Sun is raising at the east 😉
  4. How`s your opinions about the edition??? Still not absolutely happy with the edition. i appreciate some changes from the previous series like longer mission times. What is motivating you to participate in TAW project ? Online war system/realistic gameplay/ realistic settings/ emotions / stats /something else ??? Online war system is most motivating feature for me (Question mostly to ADW veterans who understand this system) Do you like the idea of historical50%-balanced50% planeset line unlocked by points ( squadron lines or individual lines)?
  5. O.k. thank you. it's confusing, because ammunition scheme is the same.
  6. I've tried to supply As airfield. (damaged 84%) That airfield is marked as heavily damaged, so you can use it for landing, but why I can't supply it? Both conditions from manual were met: Could someone explain to me, why I got DITCHED status? http://www.taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=35600&name=1stCL/rudidlo
  7. Brief description: Game is putting pilot names from last played session at multiplayer server. Detailed description: I recorded a short track. When I replayed the track, I noticed that nick Rick1987 is above aircraft to the left of the plane where I was really sitting, while my nick 1stCL/rudidlo is placed above one on the left side. Today I tried to recheck the track and again above planes are nicknames of players, who have played on the server where I've played last time. Additional assets: Track replayed after the multiplayer session with Rick 1987, I saw his and my nick
  8. I was one of the saldy's campaign testers and I have to admit that if you like Ju-52, you should try it! It is so funny to get with this marvellous plane into 3500 m / 11,482 feets. And Caucasus is very good designed in the game.:-)
  9. Upload track to some free upload service. and put just link into the forum
  10. Yes, you're right, but when I am going over uneven terrain in gunner position, it's much harder to recognize something on the horizon, while optics is swinging up and down.
  11. It's great that developers gave us uneven terrain. I was surprised a lot that uneven terrain is put into the graphics settings instead of server difficulty or so. I assume that tank player with disabled uneven terrain has an advantage against player with uneven terrain set to max due to swinging main gun when stopping. It's easier to find enemy when tank is not swinging from side to side. Or am I wrong?
  12. When I start game launcher and trying to drag the window clicking on the top of the window, nothing happen. After few seconds window jump into position where it should have been dragged before. I have a suspicion, that UI thread is frozen from unknown reason.
  13. Brief description: Suicidal AI controlled vehicle column Detailed description, conditions: When column is going over the bridge and bridge is being destroyed, vehicle drivers lose the instinct of self-preservation and drive their vehicles into the river. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Track: https://ufile.io/tk34v3e8
  14. You have to unzip the file into \data\Tracks subfolder and then in the game go to the Flight records menu and play it.
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