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  1. Hello, is there any chance that Bf-110 G-2 will get Wr.21 rockets and Hs129 anti-tank cannon Bk.37 ? I played some combined battles as CAS and I really miss some types of armament for these planes. Are there some plans for this?
  2. I just want to ask why FW-190 A-8 have declared maximal speed of 641 km/h at 6200 metres with emergency mode? In many books you can found maximal speed of A-8 is about 652 - 656 km/h at 6000 metres in emergency mode. For example in book (WINGS OF THE LUFTWAFFE - Capt. Eric Brown) is maximal speed of FW-190 A-8 656 km/h at 6300 metres with emergency mode.
  3. During last few months I find out the FM of FW-190 A-8 was changed. Speed of this fighter at sea level is now much slower than before, even with boost and closed shutters. I don´t agree with top speed of 558 km/h in emergency mode. In my source which is book written by Captain Eric Brown - Wings of the Luftwaffe is maximal speed of FW-190 A-8 at sea level 571 km/h. Note: Captain Eric Brown tested captured German planes in Britain during and after WW2.
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