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  1. Just downloaded the new update but can't find the P47-D22 Razorback. Am I just being a bit dull here? Do we have to pay for it?
  2. I am not sure whether this is a bug or a change to the P47 since the new patch. It was working fine until the new patch but I now don't seem to be able to link my P47 throttle and prop pitch on a keyboard shortcut. If I do link them the prop pitch lever increases visually in the cockpit when I increase the throttle but when I decrease the throttle the pitch lever stays in the same place. It just seems to be stuck there. It says on the right hand side messages that I have linked and unlinked them but there is no message that the pitch is increasing or decreasing. The only way I can change it again is to unlink it from the throttle and run it separately. The throttle and turbo works fine though. Does anyone have any ideas on this?
  3. Just had a similar problem with my throttle and prop pitch link in the P47. It says in the game that is linking and unlinking but nothing is happen. Where do I find the devices.text file?
  4. Ah right. I didn't realise. As the announcement said BOBP and FC released I thought that would mean career modes for both. Thanks for the info Trooper
  5. Great news that the BOBP and FC have been released but I am a bit confused (doesn't take much). I can start a BOBP career but not an FC career although I have bought both well in advance. Am I missing something here?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Rosco. That's a bit annoying. In reality would pilots in the air be in constant contact with ground forces? If they were they would be given grid coordinates to a friend or foe, not an obvious red or blue icon on a map which is far too easy to suss out.
  7. Hi all I play IL2 as realistically as possible in career mode so I turn off all aids apart from warmed engine. This means that I have to navigate as you would in a normal aircraft by looking at scenery and taking timings to waypoints. This was all fine for ages but I have now started to notice that aircraft icons and ground units in red and blue now appear on the map when I get within a certain radius to the objective point. Has this been added on one of the recent updates or is there some key press I have accidentally hit? How can I turn this off? I have attached a screen grab as an example.
  8. Wow, well done to the devs on a fantastic new update. I finally get to fly the Jug. What a beast!!!😎
  9. Thanks Luke. That sheds a bit of light
  10. I regularly play offline campaigns but wondered whether there was any reference material on the information marked on the maps. By this I don't mean flight paths or plane icons, but the various ovals, semi circles and triangles marked in red or blue denoting army movements. What do these actually mean?
  11. Others asking about the plane icon still showing on the map in Expert mode which appears to be a minor bug. Run in Custom mode instead and just make sure the objects checkbox is unticked.
  12. Congratulations on a fantastic upgrade. The career mode is now superb. I also bought the G6 and new LA5 to go with it and how good are they!!!!! Brilliant! One small thing I can't figure out how to do now though....how do I get rid of my plane icon on the map in expert mode? It used to be a key bind with the compass heading overlay. That still works so I can get rid of that overlay but the plane stays. Any ideas?
  13. Hi all, I am still having issues using the TAW server. I have managed to switch sides by creating a new username through my IL2 account which means I can now play as Russia on the server - I accidentally originally started as Germany which was my initial problem. However, I now can't seem to log into the TAW website with that new name to see what planes I have available, as the site has my old username which was assigned as Germany associated with my email address. Can anyone point me in the right direction to sort this out. Cheers
  14. I flew on the TAW server last night and initially logged on fighting as the Germans but wanted to change sides to fight for Russia. I didnt realise that the first time you log on it takes that as the side you are fighting for so when I tried to change when in the game it wouldn't allow me. I was then told on chat that I would have to change my side on the website by changing my user name. The first person that told me this didn't explain that I had to change this on the main IL2 website and told me to do a search for TAW and IL2, so I registered on the TAW site with the new name. I then went back on the server and still couldnt change sides. Someone else then explained that I had to change on the main IL2 site which I duly did. I logged on just now to the server and initially selected an IL2 plane as Russia and all was good. I eventually got shot down then on my second attempt it was still fine. Then on my third sortie I then got a message saying I couldnt fight for Russia again and I got kicked off. I am completely confused as to what is going on. Can anyone help?
  15. Haven't played the game for a couple of weeks. I went into the usual launcher interface and the game updated and initially opened, but it then completely froze my computer. I had to do a reboot and now when I try to go into the game I get an error message stopping the game from starting. It says File Not Found graphics/sky/light.bmp. Help!!!!!!!!
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