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  1. Stavolta niente preorder come ho fatto per bos, valuterò se prendere bom o no in futuro. Per ora, nonostante bos ha fatto buoni progressi, ancora provo una sensazione di vuoto che spero si colmerà con l'arrivo dell'estate a stalingrado .
  2. I am surprised that no one has blown up in this nascar race
  3. Already seen this video , Tiger 33 he's a great modder .
  4. I'd like to fly with this beast .. maybe in the future
  5. I wonder if the stupidity and futility of certain people have a limit. In his little world of wonders, report abusive behavior means being snitch .
  6. Understand .. my proposal to devote a special section for disciplinary behavior was only to help the moderators and server admins, just to warn people who paid to have fun and spend their free time to fly blithely and serenely avoiding scum of the internet. Regards
  7. What a beautiful thing . People like you make this community truly special . All the best!
  8. It 's hard to report who take a certain abusive attitude to every server admin of all servers . You could also make a forum area (eg a martial court) where to report such behavior including teamkillers gunner trolls and aggressive people, doing a kind of blacklist and facilitating the work to admins. Also allowing these people to be isolated from the multiplayer and let him make a good offline experience so refreshing ideas. If I did the names I did not report for a specific case , but a wave of keyboard warriors that may well return to their childish games . We want back the serious people who once crowded the servers. Could this also be a reason why the servers are almost empty compared with the past? Judge for yourself
  9. Well my friends , this is the type of people I mentioned , who has never had anything to do with the wonderful IL2 community . I'm going to get me a nice plate of pasta while I look at the coliseum outside my window
  10. I remembered another fact . A couple of days ago I met a guy in mp with a name similar to MadMax who blew himself up voluntarily in the taxi area dropping a bomb from his Stuka . At first , I thought of a mistake , perhaps inadvertently pressed the button , but after a few seconds , he then confirmed in chat his suicide instinct with the intention to blow us up. This is the classic type of players that deserve a permaban Holy words. Amen
  11. The best solution would be to make a crusade against these people , forced labor and a slice of bread and a glass of water a day, or making them work for free in the 1c games studios and some use them as punching bags to relieve the stress of the developers. Have you any other ideas?
  12. Guys, no one doubts the skill of a pilot or not, and be a good pilot doesn't justify such behavior. I think it's fair to also give a warning even to those who enter as a gunner in your plane and wasting all the ammo and shoot their teammates . It is not fair to accept this behavior in this community , I fly in simulators for years now and I have not ever seen this kind of people . If these people had a difficult childhood and apparently had no education going crazy when they are shot down , are not justified and it is not our problem , there are other games for them . As someone said, it must be added the ability to mutate and ignore these abusive players, but also the handy opportunity to vote to kick .
  13. Divide et impera One thing is insult among friends in a joking way ( you could do comfortably in private ts ) another thing is insult other players for no reason. I was not insulted directly , this person has insulted other players then to me because I asked him politely to moderate the language . It's true to ignore this kind of people is the best things to do in some cases, but it's not respectful to others who read such words in chat
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