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  1. Yes, JoyToKey is helpful. But it shouldn't be necessary. Even IL2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover work with encoders out of the box without the need for an external program. That makes Falcon BMS, a sim based on a 1998 code, 1946 (2001), Cliffs of Dover, a decade old, and of course---DCS---which work effortlessly and natively with encoders. Love the game---but a modern sim ought to work with modern hardware without such glitchy fiddling.
  2. Really enjoying IL2. I do hope/request the developers take a look at making encoders useful in the sim. I have a Virpil CM2 throttle which has encoder dials on the grip and base which are very useful in that other sim for things like gunsight range and wingspan. But they are not useful in IL2. I know they can be functional...they work fine in that other sim...quite easily--just assign and go. In IL2 I've had to use complex functions in JoyToKey to even get clunky, erratic functionality. Hope this functionality could be implemented in a future update.
  3. I recently purchased a Virpil CM2 throttle, and in IL2 was eager to use the on-throttle encoders for adjusting the P-51 gyro gunsight range and wingspan. This was no problem in the other sim (which has wonderful controller tools). But in IL2--I discovered encoders are pretty much useless---not just for the Virpil throttle, but on my DSD button box, too. Don't really want to use Virpil tools to convert the encoder to an axis, as that would mess up the other sim which knows how to use encoders. JoyToKey has solved many a controller problem over the years, and it solves this too.
  4. Is there likely to be a comparable "Halloween" sale on the collector planes for website-based purchases?
  5. Thank you for the triple hangar and loading screen fixes.
  6. SOLVED. Thank you all for the help. Over the lunch hour, I experimented some more. Mapping buttons alongside keystrokes was a no-go. However, I figured out if I used just keystrokes, or just buttons---the RPM control would work, even alongside a mapping for an axis. I also discovered that the buttons I was using on the button box, which are rotary type knobs which very briefly trigger a button push, were not holding the press long enough to register movement on the RPM lever. However, using JoyToKey (as suggested by a good fellow in Reddit)--I was able to fix it with this:
  7. Hello all. New to Great Battles series. In key bindings, it allows the mapping of keys and buttons for Prop RPM, mixture, and radiator levels. It also allow for binding an axis to each of those. When I enter P-51 or Spitfire (the two I've tried)---only axis control works. The button and key assignments will not change the settings. This is true even when I do not bind an axis. IL-2 has default key commands---they don't affect the Prop, mixture, radiator either. Am I missing a step or setting? I have more buttons than axis, and in 1946 could use my butt
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