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  1. I could see having a navigator function (in appropriate aircraft of course, and available as a difficulty/server option) where you press a key and your navigator takes a few moments to read off a grid position, ground track and ground speed to you. That would be much more realistic and immersive than a GPS moving map option.
  2. Yeah, I think the pilot wounds got nerfed around the same time as the big DM update last year ... that probably only contributes to the ongoing AP complaints, since pilot hits are their primary damage mechanism.
  3. @Jason_Williams This thread is to provide some historical documentation of different convergence setups used by the USAAF in WW2, as well as documentation of the use of tracers (or lack thereof). Convergence The USAAF Fighter Gunnery Manual from May 1945 lays out their stance pretty clearly on page 63 (bold and caps from the original text) : "For a superior fixed gunner, Point Harmonization is probably the best type. For an average pilot a PATTERN TYPE HARMONIZATION is more desirable as it makes up for his deficiency in shooting." They go on to state
  4. Had this happen last night. My opening burst on the Ju88 shredded the crew compartment and wounded or killed everyone. Literally 1 second later terminator Hans shrugged off his .50 caliber wounds and locked onto me with his laser vision, ignoring the continued .50s zipping right next to him and setting my P-47 on fire with his single 7.9mm machine gun. Absolutely absurd.
  5. Happy Birthday! Are alternate ammunition belts (no tracers for example) or convergence options (historical USAAF “pattern” convergences) a possibility down the road? Is there any possibility of adding recon or artillery spotting mechanics?
  6. Based on the orders of battle here, they seem to have been phased out in favor of G-14s and to some extent K-4s. However, according to these quotes from Mike Williams' site, it appears that G-6's made an appearance with some units in the finals weeks of the war: "By now deliveries of aircraft had slowed down, which is why, for example, that in March III Gruppe was given a number of old BF 109 G-6s (probably from disbanded training units) in addition to several BF 109 K-4s and G-14s. (Note: Prien has also written that II./JG 53 reverted to old Bf 109 G-6's) War Diary Luftflotte 6; wo
  7. Yeah, something about the 410 is just so cool.
  8. 100% Blue sorties going back to pre-4.005. Everyone knows why you’re posting in here. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  9. Some sort of Western Allies bomber pack would be amazing with some combination of the following, all player flown : B-25 B-26 A-20J/K Boston III C-47 A-26 Also a mid war Channel front set: Early Spit Vb (lower boost settings) Spit Lf V Early Spit IX (round tail, Merlin 61,63,66, c wing) Early Typhoon Ib (car door style) P-47C P-38H Fw190A-2
  10. Don’t worry, it’s not as if manipulating the flaps (while ignoring any flap speed limits), and trim and throttle, all while twisted around to keep eyes on and performing a rolling scissors is the common evasive maneuver used by pilots online. Oh wait .... I’m sure all the great experten actually had 3 left arms anyway, so it’s all good.
  11. That’s assuming that the incendiary compound is entirely responsible for the increased size of the hole, as opposed to the round striking thin aluminum at a high angle, resulting in tearing of the skin, or hitting a stringer underneath the skin resulting in more damage. Either way, I think it’s fair to assume that the 4x6” result is probably a best case scenario, with the worst case being two clean 12.7mm holes. So if we could see a result somewhere in between like you propose, that would be a nice improvement over the current system that always assumes a worst case result.
  12. Unless you're flying a .50 plane - in which case you need to Git Gud.
  13. With regard to API and whether it would really improve .50 caliber performance in game, we don't have to guess. There's real life test data on those rounds, and I did some extensive testing of the .50s in game and their ability to light fires back in 4.006 right after the new damage model dropped. Testing of M1 Incendiary and M8 Armor Piercing Incendiary against German style tanks showed an average of around 1.5 hits to cause a fire. Against the G14 and K4 in game I got averages of 58.4/79.3 & 49.8/78.7 hits to ignition from the side/rear. Against the A8 and D9 it was 49.9/2
  14. Only a single 109 from JG26 - there were numerous other Luftwaffe units involved in those battles that day. JG6, JG11, JG27, and JG76 for certain and possibly others as well that just didn't claim any victories. Unfortunately there is no complete breakdown of German losses over that period that I'm aware of. Caldwell does give some overall numbers for II. Jagdkorps and 3rd Jagddivision fighters for the Market-Garden period with losses of 83 and 109 respectively (in this book). Reports from some 357th Fighter Group pilots support the idea that there was a huge furball that day in
  15. A good link going in depth about how octane numbers themselves weren’t particularly meaningful: https://www.calum-douglas.com/engine-testing/
  16. I did a couple test runs and I don't think it's bugged like it was before - various structural elements of the plane can be damaged, not just the pilot like last time. This appears to just be the current DM "working normally". This of course raises the question of why we've had 10 months of this baloney.
  17. People love to make all sorts of claims and guesses as to why the US used the guns they did. Here's some actual period material on the subject. Report of Joint Fighter Conference page 169 page 170 Mustangs had gone into service with RAF in 1942 armed with 4x20mm. The P-38 had been in service with a 20mm since 1942. If the USAAF had wanted 20mm's they could have mounted them. The fact of the matter is they didn't, for reasons discussed in the text.
  18. As was posted above, the current pure AP .50 belt is ahistorical. The current modeling of .50s in game is objectively incorrect due to the ammo selection available. There are possibly (even probably) other issues, which this thread points to. Since the correct ammunition is impossible or impractical due to engine limitations or developer resources or whatever other reasons people care to guess at, wouldn’t it then make sense to find a quick and easy tweak that’s already supported in the game that would at least give a reasonable facsimile of the correct ammo? Or should we stick w
  19. Plenty of us play with icons turned off completely (particularly in MP). That being said, it would be nice to have an “intermediate” icon setting as a bridge between the two extremes. Maybe just a spotting aid with no range or coalition/aircraft type info.
  20. It’s also worth pointing out that while a kludge AP/HE belt wouldn’t be historically correct, the current pure AP is also historically incorrect.
  21. Some further quotes from the book I linked above: "Seeber had confirmed what had been suspected for some time - that the octane system could not be used to accurately determine how much power could be extracted from a fuel in a real engine." "... the crucial point was the difference in performance between iso-octane rich fuels used by the Allied nations (containing paraffins) and high aromatic content German synthetic fuels. The synthetic aromatic fuel gave exceptional engine performance, but only at low air temperature and at fuel-rich air mixtures. Not only
  22. Just look at it as a bomb damage assessment mission.
  23. First off, the new system is amazing! I believe that right now it just gives you the nearest activity (essentially whatever zone alarm is going off closest to you). Would it be possible to have 3 different types of requests - basically a request for a ground target that routes you to a close target that is being attacked by your team (or just points you to the closest target if nothing has been struck yet) - a CAP request that gives you a defensive area to patrol (closest recent enemy trigger in your territory etc) - and an offensive CAP request that points you to friendlies needi
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