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  1. The recon area you have to be in is a sphere (I believe roughly 3-4km in radius). If you’re at higher altitude you have to be right on top of the target and stay there to get the recon accomplished. If you’re down low you can be a little further away from the target.
  2. I’ll just leave this here. Not mine, but it demonstrates a couple of the challenges faced by the 47 in this game. https://streamable.com/8fsbam
  3. Fortunately for any RAF themed squad the Spit IX and Mustang IV are basically unlimited, and I imagine the Typhoon and Mustang III will be as well. I’d bet we could come up with a nice, historical spring 1945 scenario built around Tempest/Spit XIV vs K4/D9 that would make for a good map that Alonzo could be convinced to make.
  4. It’s worth pointing out that range isn’t some specialized capability that is only desired in one role. It’s a fundamental part of what makes any aircraft useful. The 109 is a perfect example at the opposite end of the spectrum, where a lack of range was a continuous problem throughout the war. People always point to the Battle of Britain, but short range forced Luftwaffe fighter units to constantly shift from one unimproved field to another on the eastern front and in North Africa - a big handicap with a plane that struggled with takeoff and landing accidents and likewise for an A
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/Xkzks3dE7ZoCRyMK6 Steel jacket with a copper wash. The projectile attracts a magnet and many ranges ban those ammo types, or at least ask that you don’t shoot them at steel targets. Wolf actually makes (or made, the whole ammo market is on its head right now) a special copper jacketed variant because it was otherwise impossible to use an AK at many ranges.
  6. Steel alloy jackets for rifle rounds were very common (often with some sort of very thin wash or coating to help reduce wear on the guns bore and reduce corrosion buildup on ammo in storage). Much of the surplus ammo you find on the market today (some of which was produced in the WWI/II timeframe) is steel jacketed, and even a lot of Eastern European current production is as well. Steel is just much cheaper than copper. I have an ammo can full of steel jacketed 7.63x39 and another full of 7.62x51 in my garage. My AK and G3 feed and fire it just fine. Yeah it produces more barre
  7. Yeah you’re right, the 262s did fall off a cliff from Feb to March - 269 sorties down to 29. My understanding was that the only change was not allowing jet spawns back into the pool after they’ve been used. Are that many people spawning them and then quitting after failing to start the engines, before it registers a sortie? Or were players numbers so low that the jets were just never available? There should be way more then just one spawn per DAY!
  8. Are you looking at the stats on combatbox.net? I’m seeing same numbers that @Barnaclesposted.
  9. I’m pretty sure the Griffon and the Sabre both had the same 2240 cubic inch (36.7 l) displacement.
  10. The Luftwaffe was most definitely present during the Battle of the Bulge. They'd built up a significant reserve of aircraft (around 1900 single engine fighters with a smattering of other types) and ended up deploying in support of the Ardennes offensive. To put that in perspective, the 8th and 9th AF had 33 Fighter Groups (roughly 1650 aircraft) with the RAF's 2nd TAF having another 55 squadrons (roughly 700 aircraft). In terms of actual combat, things had been very quiet on the tactical front during October and November. 2nd TAF claimed a total of just 32 victories during dayl
  11. I agree with your assessment for the most part (I’m a little dubious about the early P-38s that didn’t have maneuvering flaps and were slower than a 190A at almost any altitude). But I think the most interesting period for the “best fighter” debate is 1943. When the Merlin Mustang shows up at the end of 1943 it’s clearly ahead of everything out there, and viable competitors don’t show up in any quantity until 1945. In 1943 the Spitfire Mk IX received the Merlin 63 and 66 which were a big step up from the 61. The Typhoon was seeing use in large numbers and had it’s issues mostly sort
  12. Seeing as it looks like fuel system modeling is underway, here's some additional documentation on incendiary ammunition. Effectiveness of Incendiary Ammunition Against Aircraft Fuel Tanks - Oct 1948 Effectiveness of Small Arms Incendiary Ammunition at High Altitudes The first document has a series of test results looking at 20mm Incendiary and HE-Incendiary, as well as .50 (and .60) caliber Inc and API-T, complete with probability curves for causing fires vs muzzle velocity, and fuel mixtures in tanks required for explosions. The second looks at
  13. I could see having a navigator function (in appropriate aircraft of course, and available as a difficulty/server option) where you press a key and your navigator takes a few moments to read off a grid position, ground track and ground speed to you. That would be much more realistic and immersive than a GPS moving map option.
  14. Yeah, I think the pilot wounds got nerfed around the same time as the big DM update last year ... that probably only contributes to the ongoing AP complaints, since pilot hits are their primary damage mechanism.
  15. @Jason_Williams This thread is to provide some historical documentation of different convergence setups used by the USAAF in WW2, as well as documentation of the use of tracers (or lack thereof). Convergence The USAAF Fighter Gunnery Manual from May 1945 lays out their stance pretty clearly on page 63 (bold and caps from the original text) : "For a superior fixed gunner, Point Harmonization is probably the best type. For an average pilot a PATTERN TYPE HARMONIZATION is more desirable as it makes up for his deficiency in shooting." They go on to state
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