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  1. Hi, I didn't expect I find my works here Thank You guys for kind words! P.S. Is here anyone that can reply to my thread / idea of new cinematic view in IL2? All the best Piotr Forkasiewicz
  2. Hello, I am new user of IL2 sim and I really admire how this sim has been developed. Really well done! For a long time I am wondering if that is possible to implement new cinematic view that could make the game play more attractive. Or maybe such view is already available but I haven't noticed that. My idea is to create inflight view that would be the view from dummy plane flying next to player's plane. What we have now in all sims are the views with camera sticked to the player's plane with the same distance to the subject all the time. Now we also have the view (F3 I think) with camera looking at player's plane but camera is hanged in space and not move and plane is flying by next to that. My idea is different. How that could work: When hit the function key, player's plane data (such as: speed, altitude, course) is copied to the dummy/camera that "starts to fly" next to player's plane with its speed, course, altitude (IMPORTANT: data from the moment when player hit the function key). From that moment camera does not copy any data from player's plane anymore but simply fly with initial speed, altitude and course and look at player's plane. The dummy/camera can be with some turbulence added to its movement and the camera target attached to the player's plane could include some delay or shakings to achieve effect like the player's plane was filmed from the aircraft flying next to. I remember when I was playing F22 (looong years ago) I used to switch wingman aircraft view and look at my plane "through" wingman. It was very realistic and was like substitute of idea I wrote above. Do You think something like that is possible? All the best Piotr Forkasiewicz
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