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  1. Instead just pointing that give something constructive, I didn't read anything about it in the patch notes, what should I do to don't shutdown the damn engine?
  2. Same problem, no matter what I do my engine stop as soon as mission starts, it looks like a bug..
  3. I would like to know about patch notes...
  4. Ahahah, the me262 is just a meme. I am waiting for it
  5. No DD means patch next week!
  6. What about your CPU? Can you tell us the whole configuration?
  7. Id I am not mistaken, that photo of the A8 is a replica from FlugWerk
  8. I am glad that wing of liberty is empty now, their planeset suck most of the time, only planes from the first two games and If I have all the add-ons I want to use them, I like that people moved from that server.
  9. You keep fighting against feelings and I am fighting against reality. The tittle it's a waste of time and money. Pacific will sell much more copies
  10. Doesn't matter what you think it will never come because the popularity is way too low, nobody care about that scenario and planeset. Period. If Devs do that it will ruin them.
  11. But far more interesting and relevant than frenchs lol. By the way you are comparing a whole country vs a battle.
  12. Boring theater and by the way the French's were smashed in less than 2 months, they were irrelevant on my opinion. Pacific is way more important than some French planes. Maybe at the end of life of IL2 Great Battle
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