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  1. SJ_Butcher

    Developer Diary 217 - Discussion

    Do you guys plan to support tessellation to make the surfaces look more smooth and realistic?
  2. SJ_Butcher

    DD today?

    Guys DD have been most of the time Friday's, why are you wolololoing 2 days before?
  3. SJ_Butcher

    Wonder if this will be possible with the Me 262?

    Strange, every of my friends struggle to score hits, in the old il2 was easier
  4. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    Strange, that your results changed soo much, something is strange there, but glad that you tested your setup and isn't lock at 60 FPS now...
  5. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    That doesn't matter, your system should be able to render much more frames than that, the screen is just able to show 60 as much but that doesn't prevent the system to render 1000fps, so you have a problem in your configuration setup Edit: just to prove my point I did the same test with a GPU inferior to yours and I have close to 400 fps Edit 2: I checked your settings and I missed some of them, now I did exactly the same test as you
  6. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    Something is wrong, you are at 60fps locked, it's vsync man, download anydesk and I will help you with your setup, PM me or send me a email at fw190sturm@gmail.com
  7. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    I had tons of stutter before and was two things, the reshade app and vsync forced in nvidia control panel. Check that
  8. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    No problem m8, just to understand more the problem, do you play using vsync? I found strange that you have such low GPU usage on 1080p, I have a 4790k@4.4Ghz paired with a GTX1070, and I play over 100fps using GSync.
  9. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    It's pretty simple, if your GPU is at 99% usage then your gpu is working full tax and there is nothing to do for increase the FPS, just change for a new and more powerful one. But if your GPU is working at half power and isn't throttling, clocks are good etc, then the CPU is the problem, the game is pretty demanding on CPUs.
  10. SJ_Butcher

    DD today?

    Wololo aio aio wololo
  11. You will have to reinstall the game if you can't access to it and disable the reshade
  12. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    Because I need a lot of information, but well what is your hardware setup?
  13. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    Send me a PM message and we can discuss there some tips to fix this, if that doesn't work I can connect to your PC and check a few things, I am a IT professional
  14. SJ_Butcher

    Game running so smooth now

    He could be using a 4k screen and even with my GTX 1070 I will have to drop settings to middle to maintain a decent framerate, remember that 4k is 4 times 1080p so you need a loooot more power to play at those resolutions all full graphics