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  1. It's hard to go back at il2 when you fly the fw190 A8, God damn it I was impressed with the feel of the plane, graphics, sound. If every plane on il2 could maintain that level of detail this game will be a master piece
  2. Any plans to rise que cockpit texture quality any time soon? Thanks in advance
  3. why you guys are still texturing the inside planes at 2k resolution instead 4k?
  4. Well spoting and stuttering online in high end systems is what stoped me to support the game. I already have my favorites planes so until they fix the engine, clouds, spoting and optimize the game I would not buy any new module.
  5. You are drunk guys, I have pulled lot of Gs and never blacked out, you pull the stick too much
  6. More late fighters is what most people want, more fun to fly and combat!
  7. But will it come someday? Why not let the community to do it? Like people do with skins, then you can review it, I know a lot of passioned people that would love to do the task. Please
  8. Western teather was always popular(1942-1945), much more than pacific. More western planes, more success and people playing and buying.
  9. Exactly my thoughts, UFO maneuver are what people want back.
  10. Oh no please no again. Moderators please close this threads.
  11. Thank you very much for bringing empirical evidence, now [Edited] should stop complaining for nothing.
  12. I agree with that too, cockpit textures are 2k meanwhile external are in 4k
  13. Lol people comparing blue angels with a ww2 pilot xD. Both are not comparable, one wear a anti G suit, the other not, one fought every day many missions at day, while other just for fun, one rest much more than the other, one was on constant war, stressed by the missions, teammates dead, anxiety. Planes were not designed with specificall pilot positions, there are a lot of factors that don't make this even close to be comparable, just stop complaining for something that's not comparable in their conditions. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20627562-200-maxed-out-how-many-gs-can-you-pull/amp/
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