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  1. I saw a bug today on the bf109g14, the nominal rpm is wrong.
  2. Thank you very much for this effort, its great to have a bigger perspective on plane performance. I am downloading right now because such info is really well made. Thanks man
  3. Historically the FW 190 when it appeared, it ate the Spitfire for breakfast
  4. The player base Is already small enough, less sales is not good for business. I refuse to buy any other product until the core of the game is fixed, stuttering and visibility.
  5. Flight sim is a niche, that's a fact, but what could kill your loyal player base is not listen to them. Many players have been claiming that are things to be addressed like visibility issue. Do you think I am going to buy another game if they don't fix that? It's impossible I will buy another product if I can't enjoy the multiplayer fights, my entire squad already moved to another game and I did the same, playing IL2 no more than a hour per week.
  6. Any word about visibility issues? I understand that improved a little, but is still annoying to me and prevents me to play the sim...
  7. One thing this sim taught me is that nobody could see enemy contacts.
  8. that doesn't answer my question, is not realistic that the pilot head as default have the reticle in the eye
  9. why the FW cockpits are so close to the pilot head? it's horrendous, how can I fix that?
  10. What are your specs? By the way if the software work on most people the problem is on your PC, files, wathever, I would uninstall and reinstall the game, that should fix most of the issues.
  11. I understand that in a dive, but it's hard to me to believe that the acceleration wont drop in a zoom as fast, the heavier ball should loss the acceleration on a zoom faster than a light ball
  12. What? Really? On a dive should catch speed fast but on climb should loss it fast too
  13. It's a really big cow that only shine at really high altitudes, I don't think that big and heavy plane was soo good mantaining the energy after a dive
  14. Ohhh I hope the long awaited feature will be spoting fix 😄
  15. Delete the game and reinstall everything, the account is linked so there are no problems with your current purchases, aditionally reinstall the graphic drivers using ddu unisntaller
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