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  1. I see the animation propellers now and I get depression
  2. Intel offering the same and the same...nothing new to the table and even they reduced the amount of cores just to win the single core performance. Pathetic
  3. Adopting new techs should be priority but dlss doesn't need dx12? We don't have that
  4. I got it 😕 I dont have space for a dedicated cockpit damn it lol
  5. Any chance that you can build a smaller throttle? (Half size, is too long for me)
  6. Wow this is amazing. I am tempted to buy the virpil hardware until I saw this, but one question, do you plan to build a vintage stick too? If yes I can wait and desist my virpil purchase 😄
  7. I always wanted something like this on the main il2, more tools on the map to navigate but looks like your solution fit great my needs, thanks and good job!
  8. I don't see banding on my game, could be that I am using a 10bits monitor?
  9. The maximum speed on the FW190 A8 according to my sources should be 656kmh@5200meters at 1.65 ata. You should test this on autumn but I can't recall which map was. I believe it's kuban.
  10. Are the current models coming at 4k textures internal and externally?
  11. I prefer the 109 G10 instead the K4, the lack of 20mm kills me on the K4. The 109 G6 AS would be fun to have
  12. First time playing the game? Maybe this post will help you, looks like an issue of 7xx models. PS: that video card is too weak for this game too.
  13. G6 late with mw50 is a little slower than G14, but nothing astonishing, both should be very similar, F10 on the other hand... I wish we have that variant
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