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  1. Nothing concrete, only maybes, come on a real development plan no just overall...
  2. I would like to see a 2021 roadmap, DCS already launched theirs and it's incredible, they are moving their engine to a much flexible API (Vulkan), improving graphics(more effects, clouds) damage model, maps, planes. I am excited about how they will improve their engine with Vulkan. I would like to see at Sturmovik team doing the same, because the engine is old despite the upgrades they did.
  3. You deserve this Oyster, finally the recognition we always wanted for you
  4. Finally they listen us, Oyster did an amazing [Edited] job to not integrateing in the game, I am really glad that his job was integrated on the game, he deserve that recognition.
  5. I feel bad for the guy who develop the 2k cockpits textures...4k to 8k should be the standard today I hope Jason see your talent some day and integrate this into the main game, so people who only play online can enjoy this.
  6. I don't use v-sync because it drops the framerate at half when the frames drop from 60, causing a really bad experience, I will disable v-sync unless I have a g-sync monitor
  7. Because not every system is the same, some people don't see the improvements, simple as that.
  8. Why your game looks like that? Mine look with washed colors on a perfectly calibrated monitor (IPs) could you please share your settings? startup.cfg, are you using reshade?
  9. banning reshade, encripting the configs files, measure the pixel density on the screen, at least restrict what users can do on software, they will just have the screen option which is limited
  10. Who said I was speaking about long distance? and you are wrong there, people change their settings to make the game look uglier online to spot, reducing gamma, change lod on config files for terrain, use reshade with many stupid filters. If the software is good enough, then why people do that? my team mates changed lot of settings just to spot more, thats unfair advantage and its terrible for online gaming. Changing resolution affect how the contact is rendered, there is no scale on that.
  11. I have been testing extensively and it looks like its a jack of all trades, sometimes works sometimes won't, this is more a game engine problem that I doubt it can be fixed without a really redesign or change it competly, the situation improved yes, but not in all cases work. Messing arround with settings improved the situation, but I dislike that some users do that to take advantage of other players, if the situation is not the same for all looks like it can't be fixed.
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