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  1. I'm so far happy with the game and yes can see there some pain in the ass bits( like some rage with some bushes that damage my engine/gearbox)this kind of thing wouldn't put off playing it its one of those things that happened just means you have to careful where you go and it still early times yet.
  2. The game does tell you the range you push I ( I think it is)you ammo count, fuel,and so forth comes up the other way you could do it to switch to the MG/HE sight but the later is easyer because it shows you the range above the player/AI icon.
  3. Panzer 4 were seen with tracks from the T34 on the front.
  4. Most tanks of WW2 had to get beween 200M-500M to knock out a tiger this became less of problem US 76mm,British 17PDR and the Russian 85mm but only just for some of them.
  5. The APCR that the T-34/KV-1 has wouldn't be able to penetrate the tiger from the front evan if wasn't buged and just a quick note that APCR wasn't design to penetrate sloped armour only thick 90 degree armour that what APCBC or similar round that what in was used for and game also shows you the penetration value.The SU122 was built for the same reason as the early Stug witch was infantry support.
  6. From what I know Russian tanks did come anything different than green / white wash the Germans tanks how ever had spots of red brown or lines over dark yellow / white wash these cammos are from around the Battle of Kursk.
  7. Did you get tracked this could cause the tank to spin round.
  8. I knocked out a tiger at 800Ms the game does tell range when you push I as shown in you photo the tank you have in the center is at 1000Ms (1KM) you go to the gunners seat adjust the sights to it says 1000Ms and fire and how get range with doing this way I've yet to figure it out.
  9. On the KV /T 34 you could the MG scale to range but this only gos out to 1KM in the SU-122 the will range come up righthand side of your screen when you adjust it the same way as in the other tanks
  10. You have press Lshift then T to take control of the turret/gun.
  11. The gearbox taking along to fix would be about right for the german tanks less so for Sherman, KV, T34 because for the likes of tiger they had to take the turret off that was like a day or two job but you need to keep in mind was just a couple on bolts that need removing
  12. On the second mission did you destroy the AT guns in the forest on did you leave them be these court off guard first time because I was watching the dogfight I instead of watching where I was going so learned that the hard way.
  13. I've passed the first Russian mission the second one I got too where you face the tigers put died at this point and it was as far as I got and it didn't help i was bloody hot that day
  14. I see now know yeah it's a pain in the ass when doe that but it I wouldn't say it's game brake just a inconvenience doe it happen when the Hud's off and if any one whats information about how the sights work on KV 1/T34 just let me know.
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