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  1. The gearbox taking along to fix would be about right for the german tanks less so for Sherman, KV, T34 because for the likes of tiger they had to take the turret off that was like a day or two job but you need to keep in mind was just a couple on bolts that need removing
  2. On the second mission did you destroy the AT guns in the forest on did you leave them be these court off guard first time because I was watching the dogfight I instead of watching where I was going so learned that the hard way.
  3. I've passed the first Russian mission the second one I got too where you face the tigers put died at this point and it was as far as I got and it didn't help i was bloody hot that day
  4. I see now know yeah it's a pain in the ass when doe that but it I wouldn't say it's game brake just a inconvenience doe it happen when the Hud's off and if any one whats information about how the sights work on KV 1/T34 just let me know.
  5. Is it possible you guy can but a video up because I still can't see the problem and the gun going back to 12 o clock is a common place for the gun I all ways put the gun back to this position in games
  6. when you guys have trouble with turret does it go back to 12 o clock if so you may have press T by accident witch will automatically bring gun make to this position. I was playing with the sherman earlier hadn't have any trouble controlling the turret.
  7. If someone isn't willing to do something on there end then one should complain and i didnt say you had to change the mouse sensitivity i was just giving a simple option to help someone to get less salty with the game.
  8. Try turn your mouse senitiviey down to about 2 and zoom in a bit seems to help also and I think other thing to is help you see you mouse relation to the gun sight because if have the hud on and you move the mouse to quickly left/right a yellow circle with some lines coming of it from this to the sight.
  9. I found that if turn mouse senitiviey down to 2 it makes the turret alot easyer to use and doesn't vear off as much if at all.
  10. Can you turn the mouse senitiviey down.
  11. Are talking about when have your mouse too far left or right and turret get locked in that direction I so thats a pain in the ass
  12. What wrong with aiming it the tanks I haven't got any problems with the sights.
  13. I don't have any of the other games but then again I've been looking at BOS,BOM and BOK I'm just not sure which one to get.
  14. That's what happens to me when I try start it then I just start task master and relaunch.
  15. Does Tank Crew have mission editor or is still to come.
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