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  1. OK, how do i install that supermacro into my streamdeck xl software? Im new at the streamdeck as of today lol. nevermind i figured it out lol
  2. Hey I have a question, my IL2 doesn't differentiate between left and right keys.....for instance........Lwin, Rwin, Lalt, Ralt. How did you do that with the supermacro ?
  3. I see what your saying. This is actually the first sim that I actually pay for preorders because I know it helps the developers. I’m new to il2 as of the beginning of September and I don’t see myself dropping this sim. It’s beautiful, challenging and fun. I actually liked what they did with the Normandy pack, I just wish the b26,b25 and the c47 was flyable.
  4. Hey guys the clouds seems to dance, or shimmer its kinda odd. The detailed scenery in the distance also shimmers a bit, how do i clean that up? I got a Evga 2080 Super. Framrates are super strong just wondering how to polish it up. distant landscape detail: 4x Landscape filter: Off Grass quality: Ultra Horizon distance: 150km Clouds: Extreme
  5. I had some skippy/random track IR. I found out that I had an incandescent little lamp behind me in the room that was screwing things up. Took me a week to figure it out.
  6. Once its on Steam it should get more attention too. People seeing BoBP should draw them into IL2, since everyone is all googly eyed over the p51, p47 and p38.....just as I was lol.
  7. please send me that Track IR profile too! Thanks !
  8. Yup, i couldnt spawn then i backed out and couldnt get back in.
  9. This is true for me. I didn't bother buying IL2 before because only Axis and the Russian aircraft were available. For some reason it didn't spark my interest, until I seen Bodenplatte coming out. As soon as I read and seen pictures of the p38, p51 and p47 I instantly bought IL2 no questions asked. I got Bodenplatte first, then Kuban and Moscow. Tonight I bought Stalingrad and the campaigns. I enjoy flying all the aircraft now, but because of Bodenplatte, that made me purchase the game.
  10. The_Jug

    P38J Droop Snoot

    Such a good idea! Good job suggesting this.
  11. Ah that makes sense! I was slamming over to the enemy side so their flak was giving me away. Ya I wouldn’t mind getting involved in a squad, I’ll check it out. Also, I gotta look up what alternative spotting is.
  12. hey guys, Im having a hard time finding planes in the multiplayer server...any tips? I don't know if Im at the wrong altitudes or what, but I cant figure out how I cant find anybody to dogfight with. Let me know if you guys got any hints to find some action. i just get bored flying around. Im pretty sure I go by the target areas.
  13. Go in the Nvidia control panel and turn off ‘transparency’ . Let me know what happens.
  14. Ya it happens to me when theres other people around. Its all smooth in multiplayer then i notice some of the stutters and I know somebody is lurking around me, or I entered a combat area. Not like its an advantage to me anyway because I get shot down shortly thereafter lol, but ya stutters here. Im upgrading to a 2080 Super on monday so ill report back if that helped at all. I have a Gtx970 now.
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