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  1. Clearly you wouldn't be paying $100 for it BraveSirRobin, since apparently you find it all very boring and droll. Fortunately, I would love to lay down $100 for a high fidelity bomber simulator - bonus points for player led positions (navigator, radio operator etc).
  2. Good stuff. This is what TF should have been doing for the longest time.
  3. There are a fair few of us bomber pilots who fly longer missions, the ability for our escort friends to bring additional fuel would be much welcomed.
  4. I would happily see a smaller Normandy module released if it meant that the team had more time to collect information for the Pacific. Since it was mentioned by 1C, it's all I've wanted from them.
  5. No. I (and several others) suffered for several months under this error at the beginning of the year. It happens without explicable reason, across a variety of ISPs and hardware configurations. We exhausted literally every possible fix and tweak, but nothing would work. Once you have the issue it is seemingly impossible to be rid of. Feel free to look through my post history for more information. 1C support are useless with it too, they advised to reset the network settings and that was it.
  6. It's going to be amazing! I can't wait! I've been anticipating it for years now! 🤑
  7. Yes, it was for the ATAG server only.
  8. Finally, some positive and exciting news. It really, really, sucked that this was an ATAG-only feature for literally forever. Good job TFS!
  9. Given the state of Cliff's SP experience, I sincerely doubt that are even that many offline players left.
  10. Buzzsaw ain't even been here since the 14th. 😀
  11. "It's coming soon guys, honestly it's going to be great. We have to enter our fourth private beta test of the alpha branch first though, the wait will be worth it!"
  12. So what happened to the 'significant' update? If that Martlet video is all it was, well... colour my not surprised. TF5 is going to be flatter than a pancake by the time it arrives.
  13. This issue does not seem related to graphical options or the actions of other players. I have had this issue since early January when it first started appearing for other affected folk too. We spent the best part of early 2019 working through any and all possible fixes - nothing worked. I do think that something was tweaked in the netcode to make it more sensitive to the occasional bump, it's about the only reason I can think of that we, as players, cannot try to fix.
  14. Same old, same old. TF5 is going to be DOA.
  15. In your humble opinion, what was the point in adding any of the bomber aircraft we have? Do you consider them a wasted investment?
  16. The best aspect about flying bombers is also routinely bust; level-bombing can become a chore when the bombsight bugs out in a way that can only be repaired through a game restart, this is not an ideal solution when flying online or when you're forty minutes in to a flight. This issue has been reported for over a year now and hasn't had a single acknowledgement from the developers. To say that bomber pilots 'have it good' is disingenious, bomber pilots are routinely shafted in favour of their single-engine counterparts. I mean hell, it isn't even a real bombsight interface - Cliffs was superior in every way to BoX for the dedicated bomber pilot.
  17. No. LukeFF about says it all. Developers don't care about MP really.
  18. You won't get much of an answer, I'm afraid. @No.85_Camm and I have both submitted tickets in the past; we both received the same generic 'check your connection' response. This issue has been ongoing since early January for some of us. Here are two other threads that have been open since that time, the first one references an additional three threads also. #1 #2
  19. I suffer the same issue as @No.85_Camm, amongst others, and it is not a problem that can be solved at the user-end. This problem also started for me around early-mid January and has not abated since, I have never had an issue in IL2 (since founding) and I do not have a problem with any other game. Feel free to look through our post histories; we have tried literally every 'solution' presented to us but none have even temporarily remedied the situation. It happens on every server (depending on the user), it happens at any time of day and it can happen under any circumstance - it is an issue with IL2. Your dismissive attitude @77.CountZero isn't very helpful.
  20. @AKA_Goshawk @-IRRE-Therion Lads, we've had this issue since the beginning of the year. Between Camm and myself, we have tried every exhaustive method in an attempt to fix the issue - nothing has worked. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to the #10009 error; folk (not just Camm and I) suffer it on other servers, personally I get the error on every server spare Berloga, although I rarely play on Berloga long enough for the error to seemingly materialise. None of my flying friends have the issue, and to be honest I didn't until the turn of the year. I don't think Camm is expecting coconut to do anything, in fact we've run through coconut's advice and have double-checked our connections to his server - we have a perfect route to his server. It's the IL2 game itself that is the issue, something changed internally and it is affecting folk on an unpredictable basis.
  21. Yup. I can't play IL2 online any more due to the constant disconnects. The support staff are utterly useless and have no clue, I have no problem with any other game - never have, it's only IL2.
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